Saturday, March 11, 2017


Whew its been a long winter painting inside the house I live in, moving furniture around, packing art and non essentials that I stripped off the walls to paint so when the beach house sells I can move quickly on getting this one on the market. It has also been a difficult couple of weeks, losing a good friend, who I would "speak" with almost every day. Well not really "speak" with, because she had COPD, and had radiation for esophageal cancer and it was difficult for her to speak. So we text most every day, about simple things, like the weather, her physical challenges, my daily to do list, her family visits, her pets, where her beloved husband was in his worldly travels and life in general. So when she passed I missed her thoughts, her "voice", her kindness and support for my adventures and dreams. When I expressed to her that it seemed like I would never get to Hawaii, she always said I will get to Hawaii, she could see me there.
We met several years ago, she reached out to me because she wanted to learn more about using her iPhone as an artistic tool so I traveled to her to help her learn. After that first visit we became friends and I would visit when I could. Who knew such a strong friendship would grow as a result of our original iPhone lesson? But more than the daily conversations, she got me, she knew my heart! So when you lose someone who really gets you it's a big loss.
Recently over the past three weeks, I have been supporting my family with my nephews health issues. It is so sad, difficult and exhausting to see such a young talented person in trouble with their mind. Observing the struggles of your loved ones during such times is creatively draining. Creativity needs space, a quiet mind and introspection, when you are doing doing is my sense that my creativity is suppressed.

...but slowly I am coming back to center, the day light is now longer which is great and there are signs of spring in the garden. I have already made one day trip to the beach house to see how the renovation work went over the winter and will head back next week to get the interior back together. I am hoping I can get the beach house back on the market in April to sell this summer. I will get to Hawaii when the time is right...this I know. Seems I have been needed here...for now.

Today I have had a window of personal time and have been working on some admin stuff for the two travel workshops I have scheduled this year The Palouse and The Nude as Art and a presentation coming up in April, The Beach Bash sponsored by The Coastal Camera Club.
Some presentation ideas that were rumbling around in my head led me to write this blog..

So now to the "Light." How do you teach someone to "See Light?" We walk around the planet in light and darkness all the time, but to "See Light" in photography and how it interacts with potential subjects, is different as we use a tool with limited capabilities in capturing the light we humans see. How do you teach someone what a subject looks like in different light, well show them!!
See what they like better...analyze the its a good exercise to get in touch with the light and its order to "see" better in photography, after all Photography is about light!
My presentation at the Beach Bash was requested to be "The Art of Seeing." in one hour really? So I am trying to drill it down..not to a lot of pretty pictures but ones that will turn the proverbial light bulb on. So as I sit at my kitchen table today working on some admin stuff on the laptop, I had the idea to make a shot of a simple subject I made the other day when I liked the light on it, late afternoon streaming in from my dining room window into the kitchen, I liked the shadows the shapes the contrast of a simple "old style" wall mounted telephone cord...HA! Simple right! Well here's the difference from today mid day diffused light..
I used my iPhone for ease of use as a simple controllable capture device. I ran each image through Snapseed Black and White and applied the same "dark" filter...and here's the difference.
Now does that help you see the  light???? Whats your choice? Which image attracts you more?
and I would just say there are no rights or wrongs, It is just Different LIGHT! Different purposes.
So that's it on "LIGHT." Hope to see you somewhere along my path! Now back to work!
Image 1 strong window sidelight exposed for the white cord

Image 2 soft diffused window light exposed for the white cord

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Catching up!

APPS: Capture: Canera+: Processed: Snapseed Signature: Impression

It is going to be a great year in iPhone Photography! My two classes at Johns Hopkins are booked full and my iPhone workshops at Capital Photography Center are booking fast! In addition to the "Getting Started" sessions, we have added two iPhone Photography walk~ a~ bouts this spring!
My iPhone Photography presentation scheduled for The Garden Club of America's annual meeting in downtown Baltimore on May 5th is also booked! Yay! Who knew the iPhone would be such a game changer for photography in our modern lives. I read a post on FB tonight by a photographer who said he had been shooting for 46 years and just did not understand why anyone would want to capture images with an iPhone. That he had one and was never even tempted to use the camera in it. I thought gee that is too bad its so much fun! How do you know until you try??
Well no worries here, unless some new better technology comes along I will always embrace creating images with my iPhone! It is just plain fun!
On a recent workshop I was happy to see the renovated East Wing at the National Gallery of Art has officially reopened. After conducting my last iPhone workshop there I made a few images while cruising the new space.
I just love the second floor sitting area with the expansive windows looking out on Washington, D.C.
APPS: Capture: Hipstamatic: Fashion Pac Processed; Snapseed
The installation above caught my eye! I knew the Hipsta pac, Fashion would create a cool effect with the neon, so I decided to shoot it with the combination Tachman Lens and Runway Film.
Walking further along the new space, I noticed another installation I liked. While standing at an angle to avoid capturing my own reflection, I enjoyed the graphic nature of all the architectural features and reflections that came into the composition.
APPS: Capture: Camera+ Processed: Snapseed Signature: Impression

Thursday, December 1, 2016

"Make the "Stuff" you stand in front of more interesting"

Captured with Camera+ Processed in Snapseed
I just love getting inspiration from other photographers and artists and one never knows where or how it will come. A good friend who attended Nature Visions posted on her Facebook page one of her favorite quotes from the keynote speaker Bob Krist, who is a tremendously talented travel photographer, she wrote "Stand in front of more interesting stuff."
Well a bit out of context but I can imagine what it was in reference to...creating compelling images.

So as I read that, I was inspired to think:
"Make the stuff you are standing in front of more interesting!"
I was at the beach when I read her post in the morning and when I went out for a beach walk in the late afternoon, I was challenging myself to,  "Make the stuff I was standing in front of more interesting."
What do you do with sand, and windblown dead plant life? Study it! Look at the, shapes, textures, light and how it interacts with your subject, look at how you can put the material into the frame so that it makes a pleasing or dynamic composition. Then make a correct exposure, then shoot it again..then go home and do your best processing! Monochrome or color with software does not matter, its what makes the image work.

I don't believe you have to be in exotic locations or have amazing subjects to create a compelling image! In your own back yard there are subjects and light situations that can work! But you have to stretch your imagination, "see" the opportunity. See how to make the image! See light!
In other words, challenging yourself to,
"Make the stuff you are standing in front of more interesting."

 When you can do this you can create compelling images anywhere you are standing! I will admit though the beach is a pretty cool place! But I was the only photographer out there looking for images on a simple beach walk on a bright sunny bluebird sky afternoon. So get out there, take your iPhone and see the stuff you are standing in front of in a more interesting way, then work hard with your skills to make it compelling!
Tidepool light
Captured with Camera+ processed in Snapseed
It has been a great and busy fall season of iPhone education, teaching two courses at Johns Hopkins in the Odyssey Program and one at Osher as well as weekend workshops at Capital Photography Center.
Look for spring course listing in a couple weeks! I will be teaching in Odyssey in the spring and maybe Osher again...and as always at Capital Photography Center!
Hope to see you  in a class!! I have three more spots open on December 18 at Union Station. Click here for more info:

Also we will be adding an iPhone photography walk about next spring at Capital Photography Center, that will be fun!

Friday, September 9, 2016

Creating a Photo Series on your iPhone ~ Hipstamatic ~ Stackables

It's no secret, I love the beach and I love the app Hipstamatic for shooting in certain situations where you want a very unique look. I went for a walk on the beach late in the afternoon and loved the fading light, tide pools and the sparse amount of people enjoying the beach.
My idea was to use Hipstamatic loaded with the Fashion Pak while adding exposure using the shutter speed dial in Classic Mode, I wanted a bit of an ethereal look in my images.
The latest Hipstamatic update added an in App "Settings" menu under the Photos Icon in the lower left of the Classic screen: Tap the photos icon, then Tap Menu, Then Settings, it is a bit obscure but there.
There are new features for 1. Capture: Raw original unfiltered image in a 2x3 orientation along with the Square Filtered image, adding more complexity to the app and for, 2. Saving: as separate files or versions. You will need to make choices there in the settings based on your preference for Capture and Saving...

Hipstamatic now has a lens preview switch, a small toggle next to the shooting screen, which allows you to see what the image will look like with the selected film and lens combo. It was a big update on September 1: there are lots more updated features. This app, though adding improvements, has gone from a really cool simple to use app, to a somewhat complex to a new user app. I still enjoy shooting in classic mode, as I love the large screen feature of shutter release...though the pro mode shooting side of the app is pretty cool too!
So much for updates, back to creating the images: After I captured the images I wanted, I took the images into the Stackables app applied a texture filter and saved it as a formula in the app so I could apply the same filter with the same opacity to the series I shot.
I then finished the series by adding my name using the app Impression. So give it a try..create a series with intent, a point of view and consistency...
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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Snapseed new feature " Face" rocks!

Snapseed "Face" adjustments made and monochrome conversion.
Labor Day was a great day in South Bethany, De. Just being at the beach again is enough! But I also enjoyed a super beach picnic dinner with neighbors Don and Elayne and their children Matt and Michele. Don grilled awesome chicken, Elayne cooked corn on the cob and prepared some fabulous pasta shells stuffed with manicotti cheese...and we sat outside on the picnic table.
Now that's an American Labor Day!
After dinner, as the evening was coming on Elayne asked if I would take a family pic as Matt is now living in San Francisco, Snowy their family dog is now 14 years old, and they have their beach house on the market: it may be the last time they are all together at the beach. So I obliged, actually I was honored! I used their iPhone but I also wanted to use mine as no picture is ever done when you take it, it needs processing, even an iPhone pic benefits from some aesthetic tweaks!
So...I was excited to try a new feature in my favorite processing App, Snapseed. Google just added a new feature called "Face" in the artistic filter section of the iPhone app.
I decided to give it a try on the one pic I thought was best of their family. Well I was blown away by its ability to do the work. It has three adjustment features: Face Spotlight: Eye Clarity and Skin Smoothing. I applied differing degrees of each and was pleased with the result.
Below are the before and after images.
I also enjoyed making a Monochrome file and a vintage file of the same image with the "Face" adjustments already applied. I think it works great in the monochrome conversion as well.
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Or in Baltimore at Johns Hopkins Homewood Campus this session is full and one has a few spaces so hurry!
After "Face" adjustment in Snapseed. Subtle but different. Zoom in for details.

And then as we sat in the chairs in conversation, watching day fade into night, this happened in the sky!

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

The value of "Play" in your photography..Hipstamatic Classic

Last night several members from the Baltimore Camera Club went to the Maryland State Fair to create images. It was a great time with friends, music, lights and lots of energy there! I decided to go without the big camera. So with my iPhone in hand I selected the Hipstamatic App, loaded with the Fashion Lens/Film combo: Tacman Lens (adds motion and energy) and Runway film. I thought it would be perfect for the feeling I wanted to represent in my images. I also experimented with the shutter speed control dial that was added to the Classic Camera interface in January. I have not really experimented with it to any degree of difference but thought this would be a perfect time to play with that feature. I also used the multiple exposure feature that is built into the Classic Camera of Hipstamatic...So the combination of shutter speed control, multiple exposure and the Fashion Pak gave me the exact results I was hoping for, crazy fun images with lots of energy! I then finished the images in Snapseed for saturation, and sharpening.
I was really playing with the idea I wanted to communicate and used some cool features the App has to offer...just for fun! Don't take your photography so seriously that it becomes work or route, experiment have some fun with the art!

Monday, August 15, 2016

Capturing and Teaching High Dynamic Range Imagery on the iPhone

High Dynamic Range photography is not new, but teaching the concept to non photographers is always a "wow" when they see it in action. It is a part my curriculum when conducting the "Getting Started in iPhone Photography" workshops sponsored by Capital Photography Center and my sessions at Johns Hopkins in their Odyssey Program.
I like to capture images with Bracket Mode, even though there are numerous quality HDR apps available. It's easy, it's effective and I can just keep shooting, no need to stop and process while capturing the images. I like to process later; when I am shooting, I just want to shoot. I use the Pro HDR X app to process the two captured images from Bracket Mode. Pro HDR though still available in the app store will not handle the larger 12mp files from the newer iPhones.

When using Bracket Mode you have to make a few simple settings within the app. You have to turn on "Auto Save" images. When you purchase it from the App store, it downloads with the default not to save them, don't ask me you could shoot and never see a file, so make sure you fix that setting, by tapping on the cog like icon on the lower right of the App interface. Camera technique is also important during the capture process, a very steady hand is critical, so when the images blend they will overlay and create a sharp image file.

Below are two examples of the power of this app and its ability to Auto-detect the brightest and darkest part of an image. I will also be teaching two sessions at Johns Hopkins this fall in the Odyssey Program and hope you can join me there or at Capital Photography Center in DC.
Captured with Bracket Mode in Auto Mode (for the brightest area of the scene~ the sky)

Captured with Bracket Mode in Auto Mode (for the darkest area of the scene~ the foreground)

Blended image in Pro HDRx and then further processed using Snapseed for sharpening, saturation, and contrast.

Captured with Bracket Mode in Auto Mode (for the brightest area of the scene~ the sky)

Captured with Bracket Mode in Auto Mode (for the darkest area of the scene~ the foreground and under the roof of the gas station)

Blended image in Pro HDR X and then further processed using Snapseed for sharpening, saturation, and contrast.