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Monday, April 23, 2012

Painteresque~ BracketMode~ProHDR~The iPhone shoots Ladew Gardens in the rain..

All images here were captured in BracketMode, Processed with ProHDR, Painteresque, and Blended in ImageBlender, framed with Crop'n'Frame.
Last week I scouted Ladew Gardens as a possible alternative to Sherwood Gardens for my "Big Camera" workshop as the weather had been very warm and I was worried that the Tulips might be spoiled. When I arrived at Ladew it was in the late afternoon and it was gently raining.
I grabbed my umbrella, iPhone, rain jacket and put on my waterproof hike boots. Nothing better than a walk in a beautiful garden on a rainy day for saturated colors.
As it turned out there were not enough accessible tulips to move my shoot to Ladew, but I did make a few iPhone pictures while I was there.
 Ladew does not open most days until 10:00am and on weekends until it does not lend itself to a "big camera" shoot and would only be good with the iPhone on a cloudy day, too tough to predict and schedule a workshop..but it is always nice to visit!

I have a great iPhone Photography workshop scheduled for Saturday, May 5, in Washington, DC.
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I also have an all day workshop for Sunday, May 6 in Washington, DC.
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Hope you can join me there!
Tracy, the developer of Crop'n'Frame has added a great feature for saving your favorite style of frames so you can easily access it when you want. The "i" icon once the app is open, will then open a list of instructions for use and for adding your favorite frame design to the preset menu. Its a great new option!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Catching up

This shot is from my Annapolis Maryland workshop, Processed with Snapseed, Painteresque, Image Blender, Crop'n'Frame
 Wow its been almost a month since I posted on my iPhone blog...Spring workshops kicked into high gear and I have been very busy working with my new DSLR so I have been a little negligent in posting here, but I have been making iPhone images. Here's a few from various shoots. My next iPhone photography street shooting workshop will be May 5 in Washington DC, and May 6th in Washington DC will be my next one day classroom workshop on using the iPhone as a camera and processing tool all in one. Hope you can join me there!
This image was made during a break in my One Day iPhone Class at Chesapeake Systems. Processed with Painteresque, Snapseed, Noir, Image Blender
This image is a 16 shot HDR made in the DAR building in Washington one of the sites we will visit on my May 5th workshop. Stitched it together with Autostitch. Shot with Bracket Mode, Filtered in Painteresque and Image Blender  
Image captured with BarcketMode, processed with ProHDR, AutoPainter, Image Blender, Painteresque, Perfect Photo