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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Beach Color Palettes ~ iOs7 ~ Hipstamatic ~ Glaze ~ Snapseed ~ Leonardo

Dunes: Processed Snapseed, Glaze, ImageBlender, Leonardo, Impression (signature)
This morning I took the big camera out to shoot my last sunrise at the beach for a couple weeks. It was a bland sunrise so to speak, no clouds...or drama in the sky. I had my iPhone with me using it to time the long exposures pre-dawn for the big camera shots. I also made a couple shots with the iPhone after I was done with the big camera. I must admit walking around with the big camera on my back, tripod collapsed and iPhone in hand was a bit more fun! Call me crazy it just is: Something about the flexibility of moving the iPhone any which way you want so easily to get the shot. I am sure if you are an iPhone shooter you can relate!
iOs7~ Is now live and I am waiting for the apps to catch up before updating my iP5 to the new system. A few Apps posted updates this morning. It sure makes an iPhone educators job difficult when Apple updates their iOs and the App developers have to scurry to I wait....instead of risking incompatibility of my favorite shooting and processing Apps. I just issued a note to students who have enrolled in fall courses not to update until the courses are over due to uncertain compatibility! Geez! OK, now back to the fun stuff!
Beach Color Palettes~ Daytime: Turquoise and yellow
I am loving the Square Format right now so I have enjoyed using the Brighton Hipsta Pak which is the Doris lens and Sussex film in bright afternoon and daytime light at the beach. It adds to the yellow blue palette already at the beach with a twist of turquoise and a touch of the nostalgic feel of vintage hand colored postcards.
The three images below and the opening image were made using the Brighton Hipsta Pak.
Surf : Processed Snapseed, Glaze

Beachscape: Processed Snapseed, Glaze

Landscape Color Block : Processed Snapseed, Glaze

Beach Color Palettes: Sunset: Purples, pinks and blues
For this color palette I like Hipstamatic Jane Lens and Inas 1969 film.
Tidepools: Processed Snapseed, Glaze, Leonardp

Sundown Tide Pool: Processed Snapseed,  Glaze, Leonardo

Beach Tide Pool Walker: Processed Snapseed ~ Straighten, and framed, Glaze

Beach Color Palettes: Sunrise: Gold and Blue
I have no idea what I am going to do with all these little beach pictures, but I have had fun making them...and I think thats what it should be about anyway!! 
Sunrise Surf: Processed Snapseed, Glaze, Leonardo

Sunrise Tide pool: Processed Snapseed, Glaze, Leonardo

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Image Composites ~ Hipstamatic ~ Glaze ~ Leonardo

Image 1
It's been a beautiful 10 days at the beach and I will soon be missing the wonderful people and color palette of the summer beach. Sometimes as a photographer waiting for that special moment you hope will happen just doesn't so you have to stretch it a bit. I was watching this lovely young family play by the sea the other day. Mom was pregnant and demure in her black swimsuit and large brim black hat. I loved the style she had created and hoped that I could get a shot of her isolated, but after several hours of enjoying the seaside activities, that did not happen, however, I did snap some shots as she watched her family. In my mind I was seeing a different scene. (Her alone isolated and just the sea and sky.) When she raised her hand to her hat brim and looked out to sea I grabbed it regardless of what was around her.
Today I worked my idea or vision, out with the apps, ImageBlender,  Leonardo and Glaze.
First objective was to find another image to work with the one I shot of her.
So here are the two shots I began with. They were both captured the same day just at different times.
Captured: Hipstamatic Lens~ Jane, Film ~ Inas 1969

Captured: Hipstamatic Lens~ Jane, Film ~ Inas 1969
Then I went to work blending the two images in ImageBlender. I just love the easy user interface in ImageBlender for composite work. Heres the result of the blended, masked, arranged image...
Image result of the two blended images, in ImageBlender, masked, arranged, and re-sized overlay image.
Color enhanced in Leonardo.
Not bad...but it certainly wouldn't pass for a perfect image as is...but I didn't care about that because I was going to then "Glaze" the image for an artistic painterly look.
Glaze is a super App for painterly effects with great texture, which allows you to create and save unique are a few of the images that I saved as possible keepers. Which one do you like best? Or none at all...leave your vote in comments if you like!
I hope you have some fun trying your hand at ImageBlender and Glaze...or join me on November 24 for an all day iPhone workshop and see how I use these apps.
Here's the link for more information and registration click here.
Image 2

Image 3

Image 4

Now its time to hit the beach to enjoy the last days of summer by the sea!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Before and After.....A few pics...Hipstamatic ~ Glaze ~ Snapseed ~ Leonardo

The after shot: Captured~ Hipstamatic, Brighton Pak : Processed~ Snapseed, Glaze, Leonardo
Yesterday I snapped a few iPhone pics while enjoying one of the last beach days of summer. It was just a magnificent day by the sea. When I posted a few pics on Facebook, I had a comment from a friend saying they would like to see a before and after. So I committed to write a blog showing the before and after. The life guards are gone during the week now but the chairs remain as sentinels of summer.
The Seagulls were once again at home on the beach after the summer crowds are gone..I captured this one as it flew overhead.
Before processing with lens flares straight out of the iPhone, nothing added.
The dredging crews were working at replenishing the sand on the beach for the winter storms yet to come.
Before processing
Before processing


Before processing

Before Processing

After processing with Glaze, Snapseed and Leonardo