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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

On the fly at the beach: Hipstamatic and Glaze

Watching the Dredger ~ Captured with Hipstamatic: Doris Lens, Sussex Film Processed: Glaze, Snapseed, Leonardo
I have been asking myself~ "Why am I just shooting images with my iPhone lately?"
and my answers have been~ I guess because I have been busy and its with me....also its very easy to be "stealth" in public places and not feel weird pointing a "Big Camera" at people to catch a candid there's my answer...why I love image making with my iPhone, it suits my preference of image making right now....and I just love processing images on the fly! I am not tied to my computer for processing.
Hipstamatic has been my go to shooting app lately because its easy to use in public. I like the big screen view finder and a few of the lens - film combos. For some reason I am loving the square format right now.
The week at the beach is just about over and I have enjoyed trying to capture the last images of summer at the beach wherever I went with the family. The beach images below were captured on our last day on the beach while the beach replenishment crews were fast at work.
 I really enjoy the natural color palette at the beach! When making images on the beach I try to find interesting scenes or people. I watch and when I have a clean back ground, or people isolated from others,  I quickly grab a shot, always cognizant of getting the horizon line as level as possible.
Surf Fun

On the boardwalk one night at dusk I split off from the kids to capture the rides as the sun was setting and the evening sky was still blue..that's the best time to capture images as the lights are on the rides but the sky is not black.
Captured Hipstamatic: Jane Lens, Ina's 1969 Film Processed: Glaze, Leonardo, and Snapseed

Sunday, August 11, 2013

On the Fly with Hipstamatc ~ Union Station ~ Glaze

"Going Home"     Captured: Hipstamatic: Jane Lens, Ina's 1969 film Processed: Snapseed, Glaze
Yesterday I led an iPhone field workshop for Capital Photography Center in Union Station, Washington, DC. I had a great group of participants some of whom were already very talented photographers. During the shoot, I used Hipstamatic to capture images. "Hipsta" is great for capturing images on the fly of people. The feature in Hipstamatic that makes it so good for me, is the large screen shutter option. I like making the viewfinder screen large by double tapping on it when it is small. Then I walk around with Hipsta ready to fire by just touching the large screen.
My next all day iPhone photography processing workshop will be November 24, in the Baltimore DC Metro area, sponsored by Capital Photography if you are interested click here for more information.
I enjoy catching people doing what they do....moving through life. When I find an interesting composition with great light light as in the opening image just outside of Union Station, I will position myself and wait for just the right moment as I did in the opening image. Other times I am walking and moving shooting from the hip as I did when I captured "On the Move" below and "Morning News."
Glaze was my choice for processing. I really enjoyed processing and abstracting these images into colors, shapes, forms and textures, less literal than the actual image...but visually interesting, using the medium of pixels in digital photography as a starting point. If I painted with oils or acrylics, this would be the way I would paint! Lots of layers of texture and color!
"Waiting "  Captured: Hipstamatic: Jane Lens, Ina's 1969 film Processed: Snapseed,  ImageBlender, Glaze
"On the Move"   Captured: Hipstamatic: Jane Lens, Ina's 1969 film Processed: Snapseed, ImageBlender, Glaze
"Shoe Shine Stand"    Captured: Hipstamatic: Jane Lens, Ina's 1969 film Processed: Snapseed, ImageBlender, Glaze
"Umbrella Man"  Captured: Hipstamatic: Jane Lens, Ina's 1969 film Processed: Snapseed, ImageBlender, Glaze

"Morning News"  Captured: Hipstamatic: Jane Lens, Ina's 1969 film Processed: Snapseed, ImageBlender, Glaze

Saturday, August 3, 2013

New App in town Leonardo! and ...Yes, I am a Glaze Artist!

Captured: Hipstamatic~Jane Lens, Inas 1969 film Processed: Snapseed, Lens Light, Leonardo, and Glaze
Well it's been an interesting and busy week! I made a retail product out of a few of my beach series images and they are selling well! (It's the retailer in me I suppose) The little 2 x 2 $6.00 ceramic tile, fridge magnets, are really cute! I actually ordered more beach tiles and put in a new order with my "Big Flower" Glazed iPhone images from the summer.

I was officially called a "Glaze Artist" by the developer of Glaze. Well that and a nickle will get ya some coffee...but really that's fun to be recognized by the developer of the App as a "Glaze Artist!"
Some folks that promote software get spiffs but I don't I just like to share products I enjoy....and there is a new one in the App store that is Fabulous as a "Photoshop" quality processing app for your iPhone. It is called Leonardo and is by the developer of PhotoWizard and Superimpose, both of which I also enjoy. Hipstamatic launched a new Black and White film that is free so go shopping for that as well!

I took a little country ride last night and made a few Hipsta shots using the Jane Lens and Ina's 1969 film. They were not very good out of the iPhone but I knew what I was going to do with them so it didn't matter much.  I liked pulling into a farmers field road in the Jeep and snagging a quick shot of the lone tress in the corn field! I emptied my Camera Roll this week down to 120 images and I wanted a few new images to play with!  Below was the original shot...I loved the light on the land behind the trees, the trees themselves and the old three board fence...Snapseed and Leonardo added the pop and Glaze added the painterly effect and LensLight added the moon! TouchRetouch took out the contrails in the upper right hand corner and across the sky.

Also this week I worked with a blind woman and her iPhone, helping her use apps and understand photography a little bit. She is working on a book for blind people and a chapter is on using the iPhone camera and a few selected apps that work really well in Voice over mode. When I was studying before I went to work with her I looked at images on line that were uploaded by blind people and a lot of them were blurry. I wanted to understand why and when I put my iPhone in Voice over mode to use it as the blind people did I quickly understood. The action to fire the shutter requires two taps! Well there ya go, thats just not a good I tried Clear Cam knowing that it fires six shots and pick the sharpest one and indeed Clear Cam is Voice over accessible in all its menus and seemed to solve the problem. So she will be adding that into her book as an app to get for the Blind Community who want to share images. I must say it was an education for me as well. Patience is required so much more!!!
Tomorrow is my HDR workshop with the Big Camera in downtown Baltimore....and next Sunday I have three spaces left for my iPhone field shoot in the Historic Union Station in Washington, DC.
Here's a link for that if you might be interested in joining in the iPhone photo fun! Click here.
And... one more before and after from last night's country ride....