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Thursday, March 22, 2012

LensFlare and PhotoFX~ A Blank Canvas

LensFlare: Effect added twice once in the sky and once in the water to mimic a reflection.
LensFlare one of my favorite apps for adding interesting light effects, had a major upgrade this week. Now you can adjust the color of the light effect, move it around the image anyway you want and adjust brightness and add textures ~ major! This very simple image that I made in the fog the other morning was just perfect for testing out the possibilities. First I colored toned the images in PhotoFX using the Dual Grad filter which is also super as you can color the filter how ever you want while reducing the opacity of the color. Give LensFlare a try next time you are looking for an interesting light effect to add drama to your image. Learn more about creating and editing images with your iPhone in one of my upcoming iPhone workshops.......
Hope you can sign up for one of my  iPhone classes at Horizons Photography Workshops on June 9 or September 29 or at Chesapeake Systems tomorrow or on April 20.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Down Time: Camera+

Capture: Camera+ Processed: Camera+,  TouchRetouch
Captured: Camera+ Processed: Camera+, Snapseed
 Last Wednesday I went to the skin doc, being a redhead it's most important to stay on top of any skin anomalies. He zapped one issue and gave me an antibiotic prescription for another. After two days of taking health went down hill fast! So I went from whistling in spring and getting my bike rack on the Jeep, to being a zombie, horrible migraine headache, upset stomach no energy...just horrible! Today is my first day back from the abyss, mentally and physically. I have missed taking pictures, being outside and enjoying the early spring weather and fulfilling obligations....hopefully it is behind me now!
I did however take my car to the shop early on Monday morning based on a prior appointment, and a warranty that was running out on repairs. As I drove through the valley the mist and fog was heavy and I yearned to make some images, but still under the weather and stomach not quite settled I drove on. My friend Steve knowing how sick I was picked me up at the car dealer. I asked to drive back through Loch Raven as I knew the fog would still be hanging over the lake and I just wanted some fresh air. I watched from the car as he made images with his "big camera." After sitting there for a while I began to feel better and the scene moved me to get out of the car and make a few snaps with my iPhone.
I was loving the smell of the freshness of the air in the pines around the lake, the sounds of distant calls from the Canada Geese through the cool morning mist and the serenity of the fog filled scene. I even thought how nice it would be to live on a lake! Thanks everyone for the well wishes, my Hopkins Students for their understanding and Steve for helping out! Looking forward to conducting another day long iPhone Workshop this Friday at Chesapeake Systems in Baltimore. Its not too late to sign up......join me and learn about making and processing beautiful images with your iPhone.
This image demonstrates a compositional idea I convey in my "Art of Seeing" presentation. When you have animals, people, cars, bikes etc...moving in an image it is always better to have them move into the frame like the goose in the first image above than move out of the frame like the goose in this image heading out of the frame and pushed up against the frame with no room to move....
Hope to see you in the classroom or in the field soon! It is a blessing, I am thankful for, to move about the cabin freely and make images! Keep shooting!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Fells Point Workshop

Captured 6x6 Processed: Shock my pic: ImageBlender: ModernGrunge
Sunday morning in Fells Point is quiet. The old piers that have been converted into sidewalks stretching out into the harbor are empty. Its a great time to make images in the early morning. As an instructor in the field, I usually don't carry my camera as I spend my time helping students, but occasionally the iPhone comes out to make some quick grab shots, or to show a potential composition to a student. This past Sunday we were lucky there was a tug in port and it was painted red and green.
Capture: 6x6 Processed: Snapseed
As the morning came on the sun broke out and the water began to sparkle with the gentle wind blowing the water.
Capture 6x6 Processed: AutoPainter: Snapseed: ImageBlender
After shooting around the harbor we walked down Thames Street with its old store fronts and cobble stone streets. In the early morning you can capture shot without cars lining the streets in the business district. I always look for reflections in storefront windows and I loved this charming scene with the bicycle, the cobblestones, the textures of the bricks and the funny distorted reflection in the large shop window.
Capture: 6x6 Processed:  Painteresque: ImageBlender: Crop'n'Frame
As we continued to walk the streets the restaurant windows gave us more image opportunities.
And toward the end of the day I spotted the doggie window at the Daily Grind. What a treat for us to capture some moments...
And  Fells Point hosts a fair amount of the city's saloons, a throw back to its maritime history. This sign was perfect for a shot!

I have just a couple seats left for this Saturdays iPhone workshop at Horizons Photography Workshops in Chesapeake City, Md. I hope you can join me for a fun day of learning about the iPhone's image capabilities and the fabulous apps for processing!