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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Ireland or Bust!...

Sunset: Capture: BracketMode Processed: ProHDR: Autopainter; Snapseed: ImageBlender: Crop'n'Frame
Well it was a good trip, but long...leaving home Friday, June 15 at 12:45 ECT and arriving Ireland Saturday, June 16 at about 11:00am. London, Heathrow was the worst....many checkpoints and great distances between terminals..people were all nice but don't pack your iPad in your briefcase like in the US where we can just pass it through the screening. In the UK you have to also remove your iPad from your briefcase along with your laptop and tub it! But you can leave your shoes on! Who knew, so I got hung up there for a little while waiting for them to empty my briefcase and re-screen, then a mile or so to the final terminal...and one more check point!
The coolest part about the trip so far was the flight from New York's JFK at 7:00 pm...watching the sun set in the west over the wing as we flew north and then a few hours later watching it rise over the wing as we dropped down into London..My window was the dirtiest airplane window I have seen but I didn't care I was just using my iPhone and I figured I could paint it up with AutoPainter3 and I could at least capture the essence of the scene. Looking down on the earth as the light changes in the sky is truly awesome. Pilots have the best views!!!
When I arrived at the Oakwood Arms in Shannon, I was bushed...but wanted to explore a little on foot. So I walked to the local mall had a bite at the Nosh + Coffee and took a leisurely stroll back through a little village. I had noticed a business across from the hotel called tastypizza, doing business in what looked like an old thatched roof cottage with red doors. Since it was fairly commercial on the front side I passed it up as a photo opp, but when walking back through the little village the back side of the tastypizza had an all together different look and there were two Indian children playing on the door steps. So I took a few pictures the children were wonderful and wanted to pose for more. Then I showed them their pictures.As I walked around the front of the building I went in and guess what their dad ( I recognized the family resemblance) was the owner of the shop so I got his e-mail and came back processed a few shots and sent him the pics! Then I came back to the hotel freshened up from the travel and took a nap!!!
Capture: CameraPlus Processed: Snapseed

Heading to dinner around 8:30 I ran into John Barclay, Dan Sniffen and Peter Cox so the gang is here. The tour with them and the group that has signed up should be great.... looking forward to being taken around the south west of Ireland's Ring of Kerry. Looks like Peter has a great itinerary lined up for us. Big camera pics tomorrow...
Murphy's Cottage, Shannon, Co. Clare  (tastypizza)
Capture: BracketMode Processed: ProHDR: AutoPainter3

Monday, June 11, 2012

A few more recent shots....Chesapeake City

This shot was made while walking the streets of Chesapeake City, Md. during my recent iPhone photography workshop. I was working with the app Classic Pan making a shot of some chairs that were stretched out across the sidewalk, when I noticed this waitress looking out the tall window, I quickly recomposed and made this shot, I made one more shot after this one, but she moved and no longer had that daydreaming look.. "the decisive moment." The image was processed in Snapseed.
A shop keeper had a display of a wooden screen so I made a quick grab and processed it with Photo Wizard, Textures and PicGrunger.

This image is of a sailboat model that I shot through a shopkeepers window. I used AutoPainter VanGough, for the sky and then Blended it back with the original in Image Blender, masked out the VanGough effect on the sail and finished the image off in PicGrunger.

My next all day workshop in Chesapeake City, Md with Horizon Photography Workshops will be December 8. Here's a link for registration: Click Here.
Hope to see you there!