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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Iris: Color Sense

Iris Color Sense is probably a little used option in the Iris PhotoSuite App but it can be just what an image needs. To access this option open the app and tap on the FX on the left side of the home screen. Once the next screen opens, on the right side of that screen is  Color Sense. Tap on that and the Color Sense sliders appear. Here you can replace colors in your image using the two sliders.
Original Processed Image Prior to Color Sense

Color Sense Options Choosing threshold deviations applies more or less of the color adjustment

You pick the color you want to replace with the top slider and the replacement color with the bottom slider. The images here are representative of that process. While I liked the abstract of the Bamboo leaves as I had painted them in PhotoForge, I wanted a more abstract representation and landed on the opening image as a final choice.
Original Image File Before Color Sense application

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

PhotoStudio/PhotoWizard/Original PhotoForge/BadCamera/SuperImpose

Yesterday while cleaning up my camera roll, I came across an image I made months ago while conducting a photo workshop in Fells Point. Sometimes I use the iPhone to frame up a shot for a workshop participant. This shot was one I made that day, it interested me for the texture, graphics and the creativity the homeowner used when securing the breezeway.Yesterday I decided I wanted to limit myself to using a couple apps on the image, as I often do that to explore every option an app might have. While PhotoStudio and PhotoWizard are not new apps, they have had updates and I wanted to revisit them.
Original File
So I started with PhotoStudio and applied the PencilPaint filter and adjusted the sliders and got the effect below. I  liked it because the filter distilled the essence of what I liked the graphic quality of the scene. But I didn't like that the color was stripped ....I opened this image in the original PhotoForge and painted in some color. There are many painting apps but I like this version as it has a color picker and brush size selection and an opacity adjustment as well as a zoom and move feature so you can toggle between painting and zooming in and out for detail work. (I am sure there are other apps with these features but this is one I like)
PhotoStudio PencilPaint File
"Original PhotoForge" Painted File

I liked the original turquoise of the tubing the owner had placed around the edge of the wire so I picked a turquoise color brush and opacity I liked to paint back in the color where I wanted it. I also painted in some brick color for interest and contrast. I liked the result so I saved the file. I then said WHAT IF as I usually do and ran the colored image into BadCamera, and added a vignette effect and some grunge. I then saved the file. I liked the image as it is but I one again said what it...and opened the image in PhotoWizard. I found the filter there called bathroom glass which added a bit of interest to me.
BadCamera filtered File
PhotoWizard BathroomGlass File

I loved the distortion effect the bathroom glass filter created after I adjusted the sliders a bit, so I stopped there and said that's it. I applied a sharpening filter and saved the file.
I finished the image with a frame from Crop'n'Frame and Impression for my signature. It was my intent to work this image in just one or two apps....but my mind wandered....and that's how it is when processing images on the iPhone with all the fun apps available.
And while I was working on this image I learned about a new app I played a bit more, but settled on the opening image. I will be exploring SuperImpose more, it looks like a Fabulous App for Blending, Masking , selective coloring...
SuperImpose version.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Increase your Visual Awareness by Improving your Mood!

Processed File

Original Capture
   I was thinking about how the iPhone apps, really give the photographer a chance to "inject" a mood into their image: Not that we don't already try to create an image with a mood, by choosing the color, the light, time of day and the subject, but what the iPhone apps add to those elements.  While doing an internet search today on "mood" I discovered research that was done on the subject of how "mood" impacts the visual cortex in the brain. The article appears on The important finding here for a photographer is found in the conclusion of their research.

"Under positive moods, people may process a greater number of objects in their environment, which sounds like a good thing, but it also can result in distraction," says Taylor Schmitz, a graduate student of Anderson's and lead author of the study. "Good moods enhance the literal size of the window through which we see the world. The upside of this is that we can see things from a more global, or integrative perspective. The downside is that this can lead to distraction on critical tasks that require narrow focus, such as operating dangerous machinery or airport screening of passenger baggage. Bad moods, on the other hand, may keep us more narrowly focused, preventing us from integrating information outside of our direct attentional focus." 
Processed File

Original Capture

All research can be interpreted in many ways, but this makes sense to me. A positive mood allows us to see more in our environment and thus provide us a view of many more subjects and scenes to create images, the downfall might be keeping focus! An uplifted mood can open our eyes! I shot these images while I was in a good mood...on the beach enjoying a late afternoon walk and in a coffee shop enjoying a great cup of coffee before a photo presentation. I was not rushed, I had given myself plenty of travel time, prep time I knew my subject matter, so I was in a good mood... ; - )
These two images are images that I injected a "mood" into by using different apps and texture overlays. The interesting thing is the "mood" I gave both of them? Hmm..have to think about that! Have a great day and be in good mood to open your eyes for potential images.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Longwood Gardens: Water Lilies

Apps: Hipstamatic: Iris:Grungetastic: ArtistaOil: TouchRetouch: PerfectPhoto: Crop'n'Frame: Impression
 This week I had two requests for personal tutoring on the iPhone! I was excited because this is a fun new technology with a great opportunity to make some very cool images and I was really happy that folks are beginning to embrace it. Working one on one is my favorite while I really enjoy workshops, having time to explore the many challenges of the iPhone art and its processes takes some time which personal tutoring really allows. The abundance of Apps can be a bit daunting, but I like to start with the basics of operating the iPhone itself, from downloading new apps, checking file size, organizing apps, and work flow. Once those are well understood, I like to move on to more creative choices. I had a great time working with my clients and hope they keep at it! The opening image is one that I used to demonstrate a simple process from shooting to basic image adjustments in Iris to artistic rendering in ArtistaOil, then finishing the image in Crop'n'Frame and finally applying a custom signature. If you would like some iPhone image tutoring please don't hesitate to e-mail me at:
Oh and its Water Lily time at Longwood. They really are so beautiful, but the flowers are pretty far out in the pond requiring a telephoto lens...but that will be on my "Big Girl Camera" blog later on, as I did get a couple hours to shoot in the morning with my 300 2.8, before I began the iPhone session.
Apps: Hipstamatic: Iris: Grungetastic: PerfectPhoto: Crop'n'Frame: Impression

Apps: Hipstamatic: Iris: PerfectPhoto: Crop'nFrame: Impression

Image ~ Bamboo Swipe : Apps: SlowShutter: Iris:Crop'N'Frame:Impression

Friday, June 24, 2011

Macro Night at The Baltimore Camera Club:Apps Hipstamatic: MonoPhx:Grungetastic:AutoPainter:Crop'n'Frame

Last night I attended the Baltimore Camera Club Macro Night meeting. It is always a fun meeting where members bring in lots of different items of a macro nature and lights  for folks to photograph. I stopped and bought some flowers for the tables for people to shoot. I made a few iPhone shots demonstrating apps and processes for interested members. Today I started working some of those images and came up with a few I liked. The set up is a white background, table or cloth shooting down on a vase of flower. Shoot with the Hipstamatic, HelgaViking loaded with Kodot XGrizzled film. Run the shot into MonoPhix and apply the reverse process then save. Take that image into Grungetastic and play with grunge colors, filters and frames to get a look you like then save. Run that image through AutoPainter Benson and save. Take the AutoPainter image and blend in Iris with the Original Grungetastic file at about 55% opacity in Multiply mode, adjust histogram to bring up the whites and save file. Take into crop'n'frame and apply a border.
I played with two images and different color choices in are the results.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Imagination and Creativity and the iPhone Apps:LensLight:ClassicPAN:ScratchCam

Imagine: a Ferris Wheel in the Starry blue sky of nightfall? So high in the sky you can capture and put the stars in you hand.
In the past week several friends and blog viewers have used the word "imagination" in regard to my work and processes. I agree I use imagination...I am constantly saying to myself when I process and make images..."What if".....asking that question requires one to tap into the imagination....This sparked my curiosity and I began to explore the word imagination. I found this article at SuccessConsciousness.  Here is a brief clip of the opening article:

"Imagination is the ability to form a mental image of something that is not perceived through the senses. It is the ability of the mind to build mental scenes, objects or events that do not exist, are not present or have happened in the past. Memory is actually a manifestation of imagination. Everyone possesses some imagination ability. In some it may be highly developed and in others it may manifest in a weaker form. It manifests in various degrees in various people.
Imagination makes it possible to experience a whole world inside the mind. It gives the ability to look at any situation from a different point of view, and enables one to mentally explore the past and the future."

I think this is right on! "Imagination is a creative power that is necessary for inventing an instrument, designing a dress or a building, painting a picture or writing a book."  Imagination is critical when using the iPhone and its apps to create an image! So a little day dreaming...a little nurturing and let your imagination more on imagination at Wikipedia...or the many books written on Imagination...

I found a quote by Albert Einstein on Imagination which I enjoyed when I read it.

"I am enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imagination. Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world". ~ Albert Einstein

And another one from Kahlil Gibran

When I began to draw and paint, I did not say to myself, "Behold Kahlil Gibran. There are ahead of you so many ways to art: The classic, the modern, the symbolistic, the impressionistic, and others. Choose for yourself one of them." I did nothing of the sort. I simply found my pen and brush, quite of themselves, recording symbols of my thoughts, emotions, and fancies. Some think the business of art to be a mere imitation of nature. But Nature is far too great and too subtle to be successfully imitated. No artist can ever reproduce even the least of Nature's surpassing creations and miracles. Besides, what profit is there in imitating Nature when she is so open and so accessible to all who see and hear? The business of art is rather to understand Nature and to reveal her meanings to those unable to understand. It is to convey the soul of a tree rather than to produce a fruitful likeness of the tree. It is to reveal the conscience of the sea, not to portray so many foaming waves or so much blue water. The mission of art is to bring out the unfamiliar from the most familiar.~ Khalil Gibran
Please do not in any way think I could remotely compare myself to Einstein of Gibran, I just loved their point of view!
So imagination is a good thing!!! in balance. Imagine!!! Create, Play! The iPhone inspires me to do all of these things!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Botanicals...cont. Apps: ClassicPan:ArtistaOil:BadCamera:Grungetatstic

I have had a few questions on processing these botanical images, so in this blog I will attempt to show the process through a couple working images.
This is the original shot, believe it or not!
This is the shot processed in DynamicLight, Iris with Shadow Highlights applied almost to the max and then filtered in Scratchcam
This is the image with BadCamera, Grungetastic applied.
This image has been processed in ArtistaOil and blended with the same image, before processing in ArtistaOil, in Iris to reduce the painterly effect.

Monday, June 20, 2011

A Few more Botanicals


Just wanted to share a few more Botanical images I processed last night...all were processed much the same way as the original group using ClassicPAN:BadCamera:Grungetastic:ArtistaOil:Iris:and PerfectPhoto. All the specimens were gathered from my garden. Tonight I'll be heading to Annapolis to do some Judging and Present a slide show on photographing "The Governors Cup Sailboat Race" for the Annapolis Camera Club.
Shasta Daisy
Sensitive Fern

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Botanical Series: ClassicPAN: BadCamera:Grungetastic:Iris:DynamicLight

Day Lily Botanical
Well I finally got out in the garden and cleaned up a bit. After being away for a week, a garden needs tending!  I made a few pics, after I had finished picking up all the branches from the yard that had fallen out of the trees from a passing thunderstorm. I started on this series yesterday by sheer curiosity as to what I could do with some garden remnants. Today I went looking with intent, for more specimens to photograph and process. Each one of these images went through a similar process, but with slightly different coloring, filters, and interior framing.
Helebore Botanical
Lavender Botanical
Rose Botanical
Iris Botanical

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Just Named iPhone Artist of The Day at

Columbine Botanical
iPhoneArt is a great community for iPhone artists. I have been contributing to the site for several months now and I am happy to be named iPhone Artist of The Day today where my work is featured on their home page.

Late last night I arrived home from the beach. This morning I went into the garden to see what had changed while I was away. First thing I noticed was that the Columbine flowers have set seed and are ripe for picking and spreading for next years bloom. As I was picking them I thought they were pretty even in this stage of their life and I made a shot with the app ClassicPAN. I laid them on my white patio table for a solid background and for soft light under the umbrella. I also cut some seed heads that were forming from my Hosta plants. Then of course I had to photograph them while I had the idea. Here's the process I used on the botanical images. I opened the original image file in ScratchCam and made several selections of ScratchCam effects that I thought would work well together. I then blended two of them in Iris. Then, I opened that file in Bad Camera and applied some effects and frame. I ran that file through ArtistaOil and applied effects and borders there as well. Then I blended that file back with the BadCamera file and finished with sharpening in PerfectPhoto..oh and somewhere in there I added a schooch of DynamicLight~normal and a Grungetastic border; then framed them out in Crop'n'Frame to finish.
Hosta Botanical
I also made an image last night just from iPhone apps. That image gave me the idea to  lay the seed heads on my table. The base image for the iPhone app only image "Celestial" was a shot of the Formica table in the restaurant where I had a pizza last night before heading home.  When I was working on that image I decided to open up the app BadCamera which I had not used for a while. Updates are always coming through for apps and I check for updates daily but don't necessarily go back and use the app to see, but I was really pleasantly surprised by the changed BadCamera has made to their app. Now you can add some filters much like Grungetastc, you can stack the filters up to two and then frame right in the app and not just use their presets. So I tried some options on the APP only image below I called Celestial.
"Celestial"  iPhone App only image
Now I have to get busy with going through my held mail and catching up around the house!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Boardwalk Fun! Apps: ClassicPAN: Iris: AutoPainter ll: LensLight

Last night I decided to visit the boardwalk in Ocean City as it was my last night at the beach and I wanted to make a few more iPhone shots at the Amusement area. I loved the bumper cars as a kid so I sought out the area where the very same ones still run and made the opening shot.
Jolly Roger Rides
Jolly Roger Carousel

 The Jolly Roger Carousel and the wonderful old carousel in the Kiddie part of the amusement area also called me back to make some more images. The older carousel is a real gem! It is from the Herschell Spillman company which operated in the late 1800's and early 1900's. The images below are from that carousel. I added some touches of the LensLight app incorporating some light effects such as sparkles and round highlights.  I wish I could get inside the safety railings to get a few more full length shots.

Herschell Spillman Carousel
Herschell Spillman Carousel

Herschell Spillman Carousel
 And then I had to try and get some more Fun House Mirror shots. It is fun to watch the kids as they play in front of these.

The balloon dart game is a also fun: Here I added some LensLight Sparkle after processing the image in Autopainter ll.

It was a little slow at the Atlantic Stand and I love the old fashioned counter stools with one missing so I made a couple shots there.

And at the end of the beach day, colorful towels can be seen draping railings of many of the old beach houses. Its been a good week and I hope to return in July!