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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Boardwalk Ocean City: ClassicPan:Iris:AutoPainter ll

ClassicPAN: Iris~FX Comic:LensLight:  AutoPainter ll Felt tip: Blends in Iris: Crop'n'Frame and KingCamera Border
 Last night I headed south to Ocean City, Maryland boardwalk and amusement area. As a child I remember my parents and the family spending time there after a day at the beach. I always loved the rides especially the bumper cars. The amusement area has grown since then, but I was surprised to see the old rides still in tact. The MerryGo Round is the same, as well as the bumper cars. Great times....good memories, so I made some shots there.
Fun House Mirrors..I love this one! When I was standing in front of these mirrors trying to figure out how to shoot it without getting myself in the image a young family walked into the scene! Serendipity! I could do a whole series on this theme..but my week is running short so maybe when I get back in July I will get a few more of these shots.

Caramel Corn
Skim Boards

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