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Friday, June 10, 2011

Exit; New Mexico....Canyon Road and the PhotoRibbons App..

This image was made by taking the original photo the mailboxes and adding a layer of ribbons which had been run through Percolator, then selectively erased in Juxtaposer,  with a scooch of bump map from Photostudio.

This post concludes the posts I will be making from the New Mexico Adventure photo tour with Steve Gottlieb. I was doing an app search the other night looking for new photo apps by date and found the app PhotoRibbons. On first impression it interested me for its unique application. I liked the options and the way you can manipulate size and shape of the ribbon effect. The resolution at its largest is 1920 x 1280, but the files can be up sized when blended with original photos in Iris. I have been working on images from the last day in new Mexico along Canyon Road, that I took with the iPhone. The colors of New Mexico are very unique and I wanted to play with the colorful abstracts that one can generate with the PhotoRibbons app. All of these images have variations of the app incorporated into the final image. The colors of New Mexico can be seen in clothing as in the display I photographed below outside a boutique on Canyon Road.
The Striping effect in this image is the result of blending the image with the PhotoRibbons app. I also used several versions of AutoPainter and made several blends to achieve the final image.

This image made in a Gallery of a wonderful display of clay bottles was made with the PhotoRibbons app. I also applied some grunge from Grungetastic for the border.
This image was taken outside a gallery. They had the painting hanging on the wall outside. I made a PhotoRibbon file from another image I made in New Mexico for the colors it had in it. The part of this image that surrounds the Painting is just the PhotoRibbon file. I blended it with the painting photo and masked out the background in Iris.
Oh boy and then I said what if..........what if I take a PhotoRibbons image and run it through PERCOLATOR, then run it through AutoPainter VanGogh and then blended the looks...well I knew the image was going to be abstract...I love abstracts..especially when they have the colors of New Mexico!
Abstract: PhotoRibbons:Percolator:AutoPainter: Grungetastic

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  1. Karen: These are awesome photos!!!! I've downloaded Photo Ribbons and am looking forward to trying it out. Kudos for producing such exciting images.