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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Tierra Amarilla..Lito's Ballroom...assorted apps...

AutoPainter:Iris Texture
I could have spent days in this little ghost of a town, but only had an hour!  I made shots with the big camera because I wanted some super shots with high res files so I only had a little time for iPhone shots. The town has those wonderful New Mexico colors faded by time. The buildings show their age and there are many abandoned ones, giving the photographer a world of opportunity for image making. 
BracketMode; TrueHDR; Iris
One of the abandoned buildings I found on the way out was Lito's Ballroom. Oh the site of this set my imagination going......what was it like "In the day?" Well I only had a few minutes to ponder and grab a shot or two, but the charm of this abandoned place still grabs my imagination of hot steamy nights, the sound of feet dancing on the floor, with Latin music playing and thick smoky many people came out the door late at night after a charged evening .....
BracketMode:TrueHDR:ArtistaSketch layered with AutoPainter in Iris:Layered again with original:Grungetastic for inner border and Crop'n'Frame for frame.  


  1. Karen, The side wall of Lito's Dance Hall has collapsed and a couple of inside murals are now visible and exposed to the elements. I got a couple of pictures if you want to see them! Cheers, Jill

  2. i too explored that little town, my husbands grandmother and grandfather have a lot of history in that little part of town