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Friday, May 22, 2015

Barcelona Street Photography ~ Hipstamatic ~ Snapseed ~ Diptic ~ Phonto

Street Tango
Barcelona is a fabulous city filled with opportunity for street photography!
I chose to capture nearly 95% of my street images with Hipstamatic, using the Film Rasputin and Lens Sergio. I love shooting with the Hipstamatic large screen feature engaged so all I have to do is tap the screen to release the shutter. I also like to turn the sound off so as not to attract attention.
There are several places on the web I like to check out for Hipstamatic info and get combination ideas: one is a blog called Hipstography and the other is the Hipstamatic official blog.

The image above was further processed in Snapseed to make the monochrome conversion. When street shooting it is a good idea to make a series of images all processed with consistency.
When shooting, use the same film lens combo and when processing, make note of the adjustments so they can be applied consistently to create a series of images as in the collage below.
This collage was made using DipTic and Phonto for the script. When using DipTic to make a collage with square images, modify the Aspect adjustment feature to 4:4 and choose a border that works well with the image colors and modify the border size to compliment the collage.

I also made a small book on Blurb using all monochrome images...the link can be found below.
I used Lightroom as the interface with Blurb and it worked well.