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Monday, September 24, 2012

Beta Testing "AltPhoto"

B&W Vintage with Old Studio Border
Wow, its been almost a month since I posted in my iPhone blog! Sorry about that, but its been a busy month! The good news is there will be a new Photo App in town shortly, delivering a high resolution file that is OS6 friendly named "AltPhoto." It will be one of my favorite software developers, Alien Skin's, entry into the photo App market. (I am looking forward to their success so they can continue App development and make an App like Snap Art 3 for the iPhone)
For a couple weeks I have been getting the app updates from the developer and and providing feedback. That's a lot of fun, testing out a new app putting it through some exercises to see how it will function and making suggestions. The good news is, the App should be out in October. It is designed to be an easy to use filter App with some fun border options and sharing capabilities with FB,Twitter, InstaGram, Flicker or Mail. The price should be very reasonable! ;)
So with the permission of the developer; here are a few of the results I have gotten from AltPhoto.
There are six categories of filter looks: From Color Film to B&W Vintage looks with six filters in each category and 17 border options at this time. The images here are combinations of filters and borders all processed in AltPhoto. Much good luck to Alien Skin when AltPhoto launches!
Color Film_Creamy Highlights Border_ Grungy White

Vintage Color_AgfaColor Neu_ Border_Grungy Thick Black

Toy Camera_Sensia_ Border_Old Kodachrome

B&W Film_TechPan_Border_Grungy White Tabbed

B&W Print_Fuji Neopan 1600_Border Wet Plate

The image used here was shot on my recent photo tour in New Mexico at the Eaves Movie Ranch. I will be going back to New Mexico on tour in 2013. If you would like to join me and for more info on the tour click here.