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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Rt 15 Barn~Snapseed 100Cameras

Capture: BracketMode Process: TrueHDR, 100 Cameras, LensLight, Snapseed, Crop'n'Frame.

This barn has caught my eye every time I travel up and down Rt 15 in Virginia. The last time I went by was on my way home from the Nature Visions Photography weekend at George Mason University. I did not stop that day because I just wanted to get home but I promised myself the next time I went by, I would. So this past Saturday I traveled down Rt 15 to my niece's house for our family Thanksgiving dinner. I stopped! I grabbed a few shots with BracketMode..handheld. Then a man came over and asked me why I was taking pictures of the barn. I said, it's cute! He laughed and he said OK, I thought he was going to ask me to delete the files or confiscate my iPhone..
I had some downtime that day and processed one of the images. 100 Cameras rendered the square format.  Today I processed another shot..exploring some processing options in Snapseed. I really like textures, and effects as well as some real great basic processing.
Capture: BracketMode Process: TrueHDR, Snapseed
Capture: BracketMode  Process: TrueHDR, Snapseed

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Night Shooting with the iPhone 4

Capture: SlowShutter Process: Blender, Noir
Sunday I met a few photographers from the Baltimore Camera Club downtown in the rain to do some shooting. I was really feeling lazy and left the DSLR in the car, but I did take my Joby tripod and my iPhone. The light rail was my first stop. I waited with my umbrella for a train to come by using Slow Shutter to see what image effects I could create with the iPhone. I wrapped the Joby around a handrail right by the train and waited.The shot above is a blend of a straight shot while the train was stopped and an 8 second exposure as the train pulled away, blended in Image Blender.
Capture: Hipstamatic: Process: Noir, Crop'n'Frame

Under a street light I found some graffiti, the word Cloud had been painted on it, I wonder if they had the Apple Cloud in mind? So I made a shot with Hipstamatic. I am also very excited to announce that I have been scheduled by Horizon Photography Workshops for two day long workshops with the iPhone! They will be a blast working with the participants on the iPhone, doing some shooting and processing together with a few cool apps. If you are interested I have posted a link on the sidebar or you can click here. The Creative "i" iPhone Workshop with Karen Messick.
Capture: Hipstamatic: Process, VintageScene, Noir, Snapseed
The Mount Royal area of the city is charming with old wrought iron and brick walkways. I loved the way the light from the streetlamps lit up this space.
Capture: 6 x 6 Process: Noir, Snapseed, Crop'n'Frame

Thursday, November 17, 2011

New App 6x7

Capture:6x7 Process: Photoforge2 ~ Diffuse: VintageScene~ toned vignette: BadCamera~inner border and texture:Iris~color Sense~ replace color in maple leaves: ImageBlender~Blend Layers: Juxtaposer~ selective masking: Crop'n'Frame ~ Frame: Impression~Signature

Having been a fan of the app 6x6, I thought I would give 6x7 a try. The developer of 6x6 e-mailed me the other day announcing the launch of his new app 6x7.  I love this app too! I tried it out in my outdoor studio, my patio table. I love it for the white background. I stopped and picked up some Ginko leaves the other day and made a few shots of them on the table. I also have a Japanese Red Maple in my garden and the leaves had started to show their wonderful red fall color.  I combined the two leaves and made a few shots. Processing images on the iPhone is limitless in combos and creativity! These are a few images from one shot I made with the 6x7 app.
Capture: 6x7 Process: PhotoForge2~texture~brightness: SnapSeed ~ inner border: Crop'n'Frame~ frame: Impression~ signature.
Capture: 6x7 Process: TinyPlanet: Juxtaposer: PicGrunger ~texture: Crop'n'Frame

Monday, November 14, 2011

Christmas is near: Apps~AutoPainter:BracketMode: Phonto: Crop'n'Frame:Snapseed

This weekend I was busy making two presentations at Nature Visions in Virginia. It was a fabulous, well attended photography event. My Lensbaby workshop was so much fun helping folks see in a different way and actually use the demo units Lensbaby sent for the event. My iPhone photography presentation was also sold out and I had some very hungry to know photographers, with lots of great questions. On the way home I decided to take the scenic Rt 15 out of Leesburg, stopping at one of my favorite home decor stores "On A Whim". They have some wonderful hand stained furniture and home accessories. I snapped a few shots of some of their displays and merchandise that I liked. I left with some great holiday potpourri. When I finally got home I processed a few with the Holidays in mind.

The images here were captured with BracketMode: Processed in True HDR: Apped with AutoPainter~Benson: then blended in Image Blender. All the lettering was done with an app called Phonto. I kept the processing fairly consistent as I wanted to create a collection with the same feeling.
The snow in this image was added using a free app called Magic Snow~its a small resolution app, but blended back with the original it works just fine for an artistic look, but you can see the difference in the clarity as a result of the small file blend..compared with the image below.
In this image I also had to apply some darkening at the top of the image and I chose Tiffen FX color grad to get the toning I wanted in the top of the image.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Beach Shots: Assorted Apps

Shot with Camera PlusPro: Processed in Simply Black and White: Noir: Photo fx~ added ND Filter to hold back the sky: Perfect Photo~to sharpen: Crop'n'Frame~Framing
The weekend Beach Workshop was great...we had extreme weather conditions on Saturday morning with winds at 25 MPH and huge waves...Sunday was milder and overcast....The shots here I made before or after the workshop while scouting and processed in my down time between shoots and programs. I will be doing another one in April so if you have any interest either keep an eye on my regular blog where I will post the sign up info or shoot me an e-mail to get on my mailing list.
 Extreme weather creates great shooting opportunities, from windblown sand to high water carved land. Saying goodbye to the beach today until April~always a bummer. Hope to see you at Nature Visions for my iPhoneography presentation where I will be sharing some of my favorite shooting, processing, utility apps and images.
Shot with 6x6: Processed with Simply Black and White
The sand is amazing when the wind blows hard all night!
Shot with Camera PlusPro: Processed with: Noir: Perfect Photo: Crop'n'Frame
This landscape was created by the Nor'easter that blew threw the weekend before the workshop started and I found this amazing water carved landscape. The image below was made in Ocean City.
Shot with Slow Shutter Hand Held: processed with PhotoStudio~Sketch and Toning: LensFlare~added the sun: Blender~ Blend back with original: Snapseed~Frame