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Monday, November 7, 2011

Beach Shots: Assorted Apps

Shot with Camera PlusPro: Processed in Simply Black and White: Noir: Photo fx~ added ND Filter to hold back the sky: Perfect Photo~to sharpen: Crop'n'Frame~Framing
The weekend Beach Workshop was great...we had extreme weather conditions on Saturday morning with winds at 25 MPH and huge waves...Sunday was milder and overcast....The shots here I made before or after the workshop while scouting and processed in my down time between shoots and programs. I will be doing another one in April so if you have any interest either keep an eye on my regular blog where I will post the sign up info or shoot me an e-mail to get on my mailing list.
 Extreme weather creates great shooting opportunities, from windblown sand to high water carved land. Saying goodbye to the beach today until April~always a bummer. Hope to see you at Nature Visions for my iPhoneography presentation where I will be sharing some of my favorite shooting, processing, utility apps and images.
Shot with 6x6: Processed with Simply Black and White
The sand is amazing when the wind blows hard all night!
Shot with Camera PlusPro: Processed with: Noir: Perfect Photo: Crop'n'Frame
This landscape was created by the Nor'easter that blew threw the weekend before the workshop started and I found this amazing water carved landscape. The image below was made in Ocean City.
Shot with Slow Shutter Hand Held: processed with PhotoStudio~Sketch and Toning: LensFlare~added the sun: Blender~ Blend back with original: Snapseed~Frame


  1. Great shots as always, Karen. And perfect timing too- I'm heading to the beach this weekend. Maybe I'll get one half as good as yours.

  2. Thanks Donnie I am sure you will get some awesome shots!