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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Howard Rawlings Conservatory: Apps~6x6: SimplyHDR:Photocopier:Big Lens

Yesterday morning was the last session of my intro to Digital Photography course I teach at Johns Hopkins University in the Odyssey Program. Since we had rain and snow, I moved the location indoors to the Howard Rawlings Conservatory. It is always great to see new photographers begin to "get it." I made a few shots there while working with the group. These are pretty straight shots but in a square format and toned in Photocopier with the photo preset Steichen adjusted in tone and brightness. Photocopier is pretty cool for "looks" of classic photo artists and painters.Big Lens is a selective focus app and I applied that to diffuse the outer edges in the image. Join me at Nature Visions for my iPhoneography presentation and learn about the fun you can have shooting and processing images on your iPhone!


  1. It's amazing how straightforward shots can be visually strong with toning and especially selective focus. I recently began using BigLens - I love it. Bravo!

  2. Thanks Michael for your comments! Glad you are enjoying the blog and the Big Lens app.I really like it too!

  3. hi karen

    i just read your article about creating a series on Beginners Lens site

    great advice. loved your shots