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Monday, October 3, 2011

Fall Leaves: Hipsta: Blender, 100 Cameras, ScratchCam, Phonto

It has been very rainy here the last two weeks and I really have not been doing much iPhone shooting, but I am constantly walking past my patio table which accumulates leaves from the overhead trees. I enjoyed making a series of images there this summer on the iPhone, with  my flowers, which can be viewed here: Flower Series. I thought why not fall leaves? I love leaves in the fall, except for all the work they make me do. Tonight I had a few minutes to work on a couple shots. The Diptic assembled image above is one shot with Hipsta using the Labatique Lens and Kodot xGrizzled Film. (Note: The Labatique Lens was offered with the Cowboys and Aliens Pac, and may no longer be available) I always check the store in Hipsta  for new releases as they do make limited offerings on occassion. Then I used many different app selections to process the images. During the process, I was using Blender to layer different effects together. While working in Blender I used the "Arrange" option (which you can access by double tapping the image) to add the top layer, the small square leaf. Once you find the Arrange window, there are options to re-size the arranged image on the base layer and adjust opacity.   You can also apply a separate filter to the "arranged" layer; here I chose, "Exclusion" to get the effect in the layer. Blender is a pretty cool app and they have really made some nice enhancements since it was developed. I added the text "Fall"  in an app called Phonto which is also pretty cool for adding text. It has many options, for font styles, colors, size and even an option to tilt the font. It saves your files with the original resolution. Check out my Guest Blog post on the Beginners Lens on iPhoneography workflow here: The Beginners Lens
I hope you can join me at Nature Visions in November and view my Presentation on creating images with your iPhone and apps.
Same Leaf Shot: Processed with ArtistaSketch: ArtistaHaiku: LensFlare: Luminance

Hipstamatic: ScratchCam: PhotoFX


  1. Blows me away. These are fabulous.

  2. Karen, thanks for the great tutorial on Blender - didn't realize how good it had gotten! Lita

  3. Thanks Lita, glad you found it helpful!