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Monday, October 24, 2011

On the Road...with Steve..

I left Baltimore on October 12 for a road trip to Arizona with my nephew. That morning his dad dropped over to make sure there was enough room in the car for my luggage and photo gear. He had packed some boxes he wanted Steve to transport to Phoenix. We were fine but the car was full that big black suitcase on the right is mine. ; - ) I snapped a few iPhone shots using the Hipstamatic Camera before we left.
Our first stop was Nashville. We busted it out in 11 hours and clocked 721 miles. We checked in and had a good nights rest. The next morning we had planned to walk around Nashville downtown before heading on toward Little Rock, Oklahoma. We loved Nashville we had lunch there and we made some shots on the street. Elvis likeness is in front of most storefronts. We visited the old Hatch Show Print Store. It was awesome! On the shots below I decided to try the app NeonFrame from the same developer of Crop'n'Frame (my favorite framing app), as I thought it fit the show aspect of Nashville's sites. I like the app I just wish it actually cropped off the corners so that the frame was the outermost data in the image, I don't particularly like the squared off black corners, but I think it works fine for this set of images. The frames come in a set of shapes including a Heart, Star, Circle, Oval and Rectangle, with a color slider for customization. It has a camera which creates a full res image file at 1936 x 2595, but when framing the image it loses substantial resolution to 768 x 1005. Its fun and I thought I would give it a try. Maybe they will figure out a way to keep the file at full res when adding the Neon Frame which is cool. (Just had some correspondence from the developer of Neon Frames and the next update will allow for a full res file to be saved good news on that its a cool look)
Apps: BracketMode: iCamHDR: Iris: NeonFrames

Apps: CameraPlus: NeonFrames: Iris

ClassicPan: AutoStitch: NeonFrames: Iris