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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Whats your Muse? Apps~Hipstamatic ~ Glaze ~ BracketMode ~HDR Pro~ Leonardo ~ Snapseed

Often, I ponder what it is that moves me to see and then create an image......waxing introspectively....
On my recent workshop at The National Gallery of Art, men inspired me, doing what they do in this beautiful I was working with the group explaining BracketMode and HDR Pro I spotted this gentleman with his camera. I was curious about this older man walking around the gallery putting his camera to his eye and shooting any age photography is a gift and a camera a good companion! I quickly grabbed a BracketMode shot while he stood still looking at the tree with his camera to his face. BracketMode allowed  me to capture the light inside with detail on the wall, as well as the beautiful light falling on the outside building wall. I wondered what image he made....
Captured: BracketMode Processed:HDRPro, Snapseed
After the workshop was over I found him in another section of the gallery and made this image. Waiting until I found just the right composition which allowed me to fit him in between the two paintings hanging on the wall. He was alone with his camera, his thoughts and marvelous art!
Captured: Hipstamatic, Jane lens Inas 1969 film Processed: Glaze, ImageBlender, Leonardo, Impression
The same day one of my young students, who I was terribly impressed with....captured my "Yes" when I saw him holding his iPhone up to capture the condensation of the perpetual condensation display....and once again...the joy of photography came to mind...from the very young with his iPhone to the older gentleman with his DSLR. we see so differently through the lens!!! any lens! and the joy it brings.
Captured: Hipstamatic, Jane Lens Inas 1969 film Processing: None
While showing a workshop student a composition using Hipstamatic, of a man seated, seemingly as part of the stone building structure, an art object himself, we got down low and and made this composition. He never knew we were there.
Captured: Hipstamatic Processed: Glaze, ArtistaSketch, ImageBlender, Snapseed, Leonardo
And after the workshop I strayed into the West wing and captured the Gallery Guard as he was directing traffic and warning people to put their beverage bottles away, again, waiting to catch him in a position separated from the escalator so that he was in a good position to offset his person against the wall in front of him, and waiting for that crossed hand behind the back stance that caught my eye initially.
It is always fun to shoot with the iPhone, then app it up! I have only two spots left for my all day workshop sponsored by Capital Photography Center on May 4th. Hope someone can join me there. For more info Click Here. My next "Getting Started" class is June 1 at the National Portrait Gallery for more info click here.
Captured: Hipsatmatic Jane Lens Inas 1969 film Processed: Glaze, ImageBlender, Snapseed, Leonardo, Impression

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Amour - Camera+, Phonto , Snapseed ~ Processing tutorial

Spring has finally arrived in the Mid-Atlantic. The Hellebores in my garden are lifting their blooms out of the soil. I love these early spring beauties. I cut on the other day and decided to make an iPhone image or two. I put just one stem in a small vase and used some Lowel Lights to light the flower and vase and made and exposure that would be great for the flower, then I decided to back light and blow it out a bit choosing another exposure in Camera+
Processing began in Snapseed for a little vignette and toning.
Next in Snapseed I applied, selective brightening to the center of the flower,  texture, selective focus with the tilt shift filter, border and further toned.
Then I ran the image through VSCO Cam and added a slightly different toning.
Lastly I ran the image through Phonto for text and graphics.