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Monday, January 31, 2011

True HDR: AutoStitch: in Fells Point

Yesterday, I met a client in Fells Point for some lessons in photography. I had a little time before the session to make a panoramic image of the harbor side. The image here is an 8 shot image stitched together in an app called AutoStitch. I also used the True HDR  camera app to capture the images blending each of two shots to get a dynamic range, so really it was 16 shots to get the 8 shot image.
I used the Joby tripod and ball head fitted with a Glif mount and wrapped it around a railing to keep the iPhone still while capturing the images. Too much fun ~ You should see the looks people give me when they see this little process taking place...I can image it looks a little funny!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

iPhone Goes to Washington..Pro HDR....

Pro HDR Capture: Processed in PhotoForge: Debris from one of the Twin Towers on 911
 Today, I had client who wanted some instructions on using her camera. We met at the Newseum for a couple hours of photo lessons. After the lesson was finished I spent some time in the Newseum looking at the displays the building and the surrounding DC city streets. Whenever I visit this museum there is always a display, a photo or a video clip that brings a tear to my eye. It is hard to contemplate the depth of the human condition captured by the news media, be it a war time photographer, a videographer, or a newspaper correspondent. The display that always gets me is the 911 exhibit of two cameras that were rescued from the ash and debris of a photojournalist who went to capture images and he himself became a victim, but his film survived to be processed and delivered some of the most poignant images we have of that tragic day in New York and DC. Even his glasses are on display along with his camera bag.For  most of the shots unless otherwise noted I was using the iPhone, on a Joby tripod fitted with a Joby Ballhead and a Glif tripod keep the images alligned and minimize camera or phone shake!
Watching the big screen, Pro HDR Capture: processed in PhotoForge
Pieces of The Berlin Wall : Captured with Pro HDR

Watch Tower from The Berlin Wall: Pro HDR Capture

Journalists Memorial Wall: Capture Camera Plus Pro
This is also one of those places that makes me feel strong emotions. There is a "Memorial Wall" to all the photojournalists that have died capturing images in the field.
Captured Pro HDR Hand Held; Elvis
This display is sad but it is also uplifting..oh what a time that was...the Elvis Era......
DC Street View: Captured: Pro HDR

Thursday, January 27, 2011

"Light" in the Trees "Winter Moon"

Came across this new app by accident. But it has some interesting applications for adding some light effects into your images. The progression of images here shows what you can do. First, get some really cool winter light in the trees with a straight shot.
Original capture

Added light in the middle of the image by using a Cloud filter in "Light"

Added light behind the tree on the right of the screen using a cloud filter in"Light"
Added light behind the tree on the left.
Added the moon. ; - )

Adjusted hue and sat in Iris app
Processed in PhotoForge app  sharpened, watercolor and oil layers
Finished with Crop'n'Frame for mat and Impression for Signature

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Hipstamatic and Food Photography

Its a snowy day and after shoveling the driveways and walks I decided it was a great day to stay in and make some French Onion soup. As I began to work in the kitchen I thought well how about some photos of this process. Ever since I did a food shoot for Roy's Restaurants I have enjoyed capturing the "foodie" thing. So I put the iPhone to work with the Hipstamatic app and set it to JohnS Lens with BlackKeys B&W film choice and had some fun at different stages of the process. I also decided it was a good day to break out a little white wine I had purchased in the Finger lakes in the fall, from Atwaters. I finished these images off with an app called Crop'n"Frame which is a very cool app for presenting your work. With more snow on the way tonight I will enjoy this soup for a few days to come.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Image Processing wih the iPhone

I was working with a client when she pointed to this neat light bulb in a shop window, and I said oh yes that's a picture, and we both made some images.  The first image in this series is the shot I made right out of the iPhone (I was about to say camera) It was captured with the Camera App CP Pro.

I started to work with it by first running it through the app called Artista Sketch as I wanted more definition to the glass objects and got this image.
 I wanted more of the image to show through so I decided to take this image and the original and make some layers in the app called Iris. This is the first layer.

I also applied some effects in a film style app called Film Lab with a vintage setting and achieved this image.

I applied a special frame called Viewfinder in an app called Camera+ to crop and focus the eye in the frame. I also took the image into an app called Perfect Photo to sharpen and added some light bloom.
Then I went to the PicGrunger app and added the border and some scratched effects with Studio style there to achieve this look.

Then I added the border and frame in a new app called Crop'n"Frame
and finished it by adding my signature in an app called Impression.

While this process worked well with this image, it may not be a universal formula for processing images as I find that like in Photoshop, each image requires certain effects and processes and it is hard to make a formulaic approach.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sweet Cascades and the Hipstamatic

Hipstamatic app: Lens; Kaimal Mark II :Film: Pistil

The last couple of weeks I have been meeting some clients for sessions in personal tutoring in Ellicott City.
Every once in a while we have been ducking into some shops either for comfort~getting warm or for some photo fun. Often the shop owners are so gracious and welcoming. This was true in the candy store we ducked into last week called Sweet Cascades. They specialize in all hand made chocolates, made on site. They were so unique and beautiful I could not help but take a few shots with my iPhone. I also bought a dark chocolate covered old fashioned pretzel with M&M's dotting the top. I have to tell you it was delicious! This is a good old fashioned chocolate store with great displays and yummy treats! She even advertised: "Chocolate Covered Bacon!" After commenting on the sign we were both given a delicious sample.
Hipstamatic: Lens: Helga Viking: Film: Dream Canvas: Flash: Dreampop
Hipstamatic App: Lens: Helga Viking: Film: DreamCanvas: Flash: Dreampop
Hipstamatic app: Lens: Helga Viking: Film: Dream Canvas
Hipstamatic app: lens: Bettie XL: Film: DreamCanvas
Hipstamatic: Lens: Helga Viking: Film: Ina's 1935

Friday, January 21, 2011

Just Plain Hipstamatic...and a little red....

Lens: Bettie XL Film: Dream Canvas: Flash Berry Pop

The last couple days I have had the pleasure of meeting a couple clients in Ellicott City. There is a shop that actually hangs dresses out all over the front of the store. It is quite fun to see, and somewhat novel. This week they were all RED so naturally it caught our eye for a photo opportunity. As we walked down main street, we saw more and more windows dressed in red for Valentines. One store had a silver plated punch bowl set enhanced with red tissue in the cups, so I made a shot through the window. My client really like to tilt her images so I tilted the cup image as a result of her influence that day. The last image is actually a black subject but the choice of options in the Hipstamatic made it appear red. It's a look!
Hipstamatic: Lens: Kaimal Mark II: Film: Dream Canvas: Flash: Berry Pop 

Hipstamatic and Bad-Camera

Hipstamatic: Lens: Johns S Film: BlacKeys B+W Flash: Cherry Shine Zoom blur applied in Live FX Lite

Yesterday I was working with a client on her photography in Ellicott City. I was using my iPhone to help find some compositions and made a few images in the process. We found this great store called "Retropolitan" The owner was terrific inviting us to browse about and have some photo fun with her vintage merchandise. Having been a retailer for my career it was fun being in her shop. She was so nice allowing us to make some shots of her great collections. She had the most amazing assortment of vintage clothes for men and women,furniture, pictures, mirrors, lamps and even some women's lingerie! I was using the Hipstamatic iPhone app for all these shots. They are processed in the Bad-Camera app for some vintage effects. The frames and mats were added in Live FX Lite. My signature and copyright were added with the Impression app.
Hipsatmatic; Lens:  Bettie XL Film BlacKeys B&W Flash: Dreampop Bad-Camera vintage look
Hipstamatic: Lens: John S Film; BlacKeys B&W Flash: Cherry Shine
Hipstamatic: Lens: John S Film: BlacKeys Super Grain
Hipstamatic: Lens: Bettie XL Film: Blackeys B+W
Hipstamatic: Lens: John S; Film: Kodot XGrizzled: Flash: Berry Pop

Thursday, January 20, 2011


This is another one of the Crazy apps. It is a very random effect as far as I can see. This is the original image made with the Hipstamatic app as a frame of reference. The following images were made with the Decim8 app. It reminds me of some abstract art from the 60's..its fun to see what it does when you are working with it. Dennis Colligan was the first iPhoneographer I saw use this app in a very creative way. His blog can be found here. http://www.Creativeiphoneography.wordpress.com

Original image stained glass