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Friday, January 7, 2011

Tea..and iDroste designs

In the late afternoon the sun streams through my kitchen windows. Yesterday afternoon, I had just boiled a pot of hot water to make some tea, and as I poured it into the mug I noticed the steam vaporizing into the air and grabbed my iPhone to see what it would do. Well what fun, I was able to get this image just by tilting the phone and managing the light hitting the opening of the lens. After capturing the image I made some filter applications such as PicGrunger for a bit of antiquing and for the border. Later in the evening I saw an image created by a fellow iPhoneographer that was made by taking an image of a coffee cup and running it through the app iDroste. It was really cool. So I tried running the tea image here through iDroste and the resulting images below were the result after moving some sliders to get the effect. I enjoyed the Art Deco designs that appeared in the tea colored tone. This result is a bit different than previous iDroste images as I chose to use the image that already had a frame on it hence the strong linear effects here.

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