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Monday, January 3, 2011

Artista Haiku: PicGrunger:Photcopier

Egg Box

Today I had the great pleasure of speaking to a wonderful group of women who are members of "The Embroiderer's Guild of America, Inc." in Howard County. I had been invited by a client who I had been working with on her personal photography and who is the program coordinator. She thought it would be great to have a program on helping the members improve their photography of their wonderful handmade items. My mother was an embroiderer, and I tried my hand at it as well as a young woman, but never stuck with it. Life got in my way as it takes time and patience to complete a project! Mom was so talented that a tablecloth she made won a blue ribbon at the Timonium State Fair and now resides with the Maryland Historical Society. So this was truly a combined pleasure!
There were a few completed pieces of work that were brought in to display for others to see and I made a few photos of the work with my iPhone. I had the idea of running them through the ArtistaHaiku app when I got home for some interesting renditions of the work. All of these shots are processed with the same apps in this order: ArtistaHaiku: Photocopier:(VanGogh)with strength adjustments made to color,texture and tone: PhotoStudio for sharpening: PicGrunger for the aged look: Impression for signature.
Decorated Ornament
Beaded Bag   
Embroidered Cloth Eye Case

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