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Monday, January 24, 2011

Image Processing wih the iPhone

I was working with a client when she pointed to this neat light bulb in a shop window, and I said oh yes that's a picture, and we both made some images.  The first image in this series is the shot I made right out of the iPhone (I was about to say camera) It was captured with the Camera App CP Pro.

I started to work with it by first running it through the app called Artista Sketch as I wanted more definition to the glass objects and got this image.
 I wanted more of the image to show through so I decided to take this image and the original and make some layers in the app called Iris. This is the first layer.

I also applied some effects in a film style app called Film Lab with a vintage setting and achieved this image.

I applied a special frame called Viewfinder in an app called Camera+ to crop and focus the eye in the frame. I also took the image into an app called Perfect Photo to sharpen and added some light bloom.
Then I went to the PicGrunger app and added the border and some scratched effects with Studio style there to achieve this look.

Then I added the border and frame in a new app called Crop'n"Frame
and finished it by adding my signature in an app called Impression.

While this process worked well with this image, it may not be a universal formula for processing images as I find that like in Photoshop, each image requires certain effects and processes and it is hard to make a formulaic approach.

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