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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Movie Time

The special effect here is an app called Liquefy, its quite fun and unpredictable in how you can move the image around.

Yesterday, I took my 93 year old ex-mother-in-law out for a little lunch and a movie at the Charles Theatre. It was fun seeing her and listening to her life's lessons. Stephanie loves the movies! When she was a young woman she looked like the starlets of the 50's. She told me she didn't like school she just loved dancing and drama. Maybe her love for movies is in the DNA. We had a little time before the show and we were waiting in the lobby. I was showing her my Daughter's new website on my iPhone. Well that was a dangerous thing, having the iPhone out and in an old movie theatre so I made a few quick images to show Stephanie how it worked. She even willingly posed for a snap shot.
Found a new App for this one called Camera+ it has a pseudo HDR function that is pretty cool.
Steph was run through Photocopier a painterly look.

Way too many apps to talk about.......

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