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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sweet Cascades and the Hipstamatic

Hipstamatic app: Lens; Kaimal Mark II :Film: Pistil

The last couple of weeks I have been meeting some clients for sessions in personal tutoring in Ellicott City.
Every once in a while we have been ducking into some shops either for comfort~getting warm or for some photo fun. Often the shop owners are so gracious and welcoming. This was true in the candy store we ducked into last week called Sweet Cascades. They specialize in all hand made chocolates, made on site. They were so unique and beautiful I could not help but take a few shots with my iPhone. I also bought a dark chocolate covered old fashioned pretzel with M&M's dotting the top. I have to tell you it was delicious! This is a good old fashioned chocolate store with great displays and yummy treats! She even advertised: "Chocolate Covered Bacon!" After commenting on the sign we were both given a delicious sample.
Hipstamatic: Lens: Helga Viking: Film: Dream Canvas: Flash: Dreampop
Hipstamatic App: Lens: Helga Viking: Film: DreamCanvas: Flash: Dreampop
Hipstamatic app: Lens: Helga Viking: Film: Dream Canvas
Hipstamatic app: lens: Bettie XL: Film: DreamCanvas
Hipstamatic: Lens: Helga Viking: Film: Ina's 1935

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