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Sunday, January 2, 2011

A little more Fun with iDroste: TrigonScope and now Symmetry

I have for a long time enjoyed patterns; in nature; in art and in design. I think that is why I liked the mirroring of images in Photoshop so much. Now the iPhone has apps that do the same thing with ease. I have been playing with some images created using the TriginScope app, then running them through iDroste and now applying an app called Symmetry....these are a few fun images I have processed in the last day or so. Again, this borders on design, but starts with a photo. The first  image here was also processed in an app called Photocopier, which simulates style and texture of classic art works.

This last image was assembled in an app called Diptic and processed first in TrigonScope, then iDroste, then ArtistaHaiku....the frames were applied in an app called Vihgo and the copyright added in an app called Impression.

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