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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Patterns From Trees...the genesis

Lots of times when learning something new, we ask ourselves "What if" more when working with our yesterday I said "what if" to this image I made in a hurry from my back yard when the sun was going down.
I said what if I try some ArtistaHaiku...and after playing with some settings to get the look I wanted I had this.
Then I said what if I use the app called Symmetry....and I got this...
but this is only half the image....I said "what if" I duplicate that image in the Symmetry app?
and the following images are just a few of the many beautiful image patterns that resulted from this process. This application is different than mirroring images in Photoshop; this images allows you to scroll over the entire image and marry it at different intersections, both horizontally and vertically...opening up a huge choice of creative options.

And now I said what it I add some snow.......

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