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Saturday, January 29, 2011

iPhone Goes to Washington..Pro HDR....

Pro HDR Capture: Processed in PhotoForge: Debris from one of the Twin Towers on 911
 Today, I had client who wanted some instructions on using her camera. We met at the Newseum for a couple hours of photo lessons. After the lesson was finished I spent some time in the Newseum looking at the displays the building and the surrounding DC city streets. Whenever I visit this museum there is always a display, a photo or a video clip that brings a tear to my eye. It is hard to contemplate the depth of the human condition captured by the news media, be it a war time photographer, a videographer, or a newspaper correspondent. The display that always gets me is the 911 exhibit of two cameras that were rescued from the ash and debris of a photojournalist who went to capture images and he himself became a victim, but his film survived to be processed and delivered some of the most poignant images we have of that tragic day in New York and DC. Even his glasses are on display along with his camera bag.For  most of the shots unless otherwise noted I was using the iPhone, on a Joby tripod fitted with a Joby Ballhead and a Glif tripod keep the images alligned and minimize camera or phone shake!
Watching the big screen, Pro HDR Capture: processed in PhotoForge
Pieces of The Berlin Wall : Captured with Pro HDR

Watch Tower from The Berlin Wall: Pro HDR Capture

Journalists Memorial Wall: Capture Camera Plus Pro
This is also one of those places that makes me feel strong emotions. There is a "Memorial Wall" to all the photojournalists that have died capturing images in the field.
Captured Pro HDR Hand Held; Elvis
This display is sad but it is also uplifting..oh what a time that was...the Elvis Era......
DC Street View: Captured: Pro HDR

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  1. Thanks for the link to this Karen. So many apps, so little time, huh? I'll bookmark this blog too and do some cruzing! A wonderful inspiration!