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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Random Pics

The spring season has been busy and I have neglected to post frequently here, so I have a few minutes to catch you up to date and what I have been up to with my iPhone work. Lots of interesting apps to explore and lots of updates to go back and utilize all over again. I am posting this using the mobil Blogger app. I just finished a planning session with Marie of Capital Photography Center and we added a couple iPhone workshops for the fall, so if you sign up on the mailing list you will get notification when the links are up. I have been having some fun making abstracts on the iPhone and have a few here. Memorial Day I was at the beach and had fun doing some shooting there with friends. When I got home the garden had exploded with growth and I made a shot of my painted ferns. More later...... Hope to see you June 9th in Chesapeake City for my iPhone photography Workshop at Horizon Photography Workshops.

Sunday, May 20, 2012


Just hit the app store and was delighted to find a new Autopainter3 app is out with a new set of impressionist filters emulating classic impressionist painters. Straight out of the app with no other apps applied, these are what the filters can do to your shots.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Random shots and Apps ~ From My Washington DC Workshop

Captured: Camera+ Processed: Modern Grunge: Snapseed: Percolator: Crop'n'Frame
Saturday was a great day with super creative iPhoneographers, just getting going in the art! I was amazed at the images they were creating! I captured a few shots in between helping the participants utilize the apps they were shooting with. Sometimes I process images from a shoot with similar apps for consistency; but there are so many fun apps and different shots I am all over with my processing in this blog. Our first stop was Starbucks for an hour of App Chat~ getting everyone on board with app resolution, options and features for shooting. Next Stop was the Renwick Gallery. We had fun shooting there on the second floor. There are amazing art pieces in the gallery. Our final stop was the DAR building. It was a great day!
I hope you can join me for my next day long creative processing iPhone workshop in Chesapeake City at Horizon Photography Workshops on June 9.
Two Images Blended in ImageBlender: Capture: One shot Camera+ the other shot of the window and drape BracketMode Processing: ImageBlender: Snapseed: Crop'n'Frame
Capture: Camera+ Processed: Percolator:Snapseed: Crop'n'Frame
Captured: BracketMode Processed: ProHDR: ModernGrunge: Snapseed: Crop'n'Frame
Captured: BracketMode  Processed: ProHDR: TinyPlanets: ModernGrunge: Crop'n'Frame
Captured: Camera+ Processed: ModernGrunge: TinyPlanets: LensLight: Snapseed: Crop'n'Frame

Friday, May 4, 2012

Battery 519 Cape Henlopen, Delaware~ BracketMode: ProHDR: Snapseed~Vintage: Painteresque: ImageBlender

12 inch Gun
Last week I had the opportunity to visit and tour Battery 519 at Cape Henlopen, Delaware. Supporters of the Battery were conducting WWII reenactments and were in vintage outfits, as well as outfitting the barracks with vintage, furniture, and accessories. A little history on the "Big Gun's"
"In 1940, the Army had planned to place two 16" gun batteries at Fort Miles.  The second was to be just north of Battery Smith, the first 16" battery already under construction, as Delaware was considered high on the defense priority list.  By late 1941, Delaware's priority had dropped substantially, and the planned second 16" battery (Construction #119) was cancelled.  The structure saw new life as Battery 519 when the war department decided to place two 12" guns there that had been pulled from Battery Haslet at Fort Saulsbury.  The battery was completed in March, 1943 and was retained until deleted in May, 1948.  The emplacement still exists and will be the future home of one of the largest coast artillery museums in the country." 
I was shooting with my D4 but also made images with the iPhone when I knew the dynamic range of light might be outside what I could get out of my camera. I used BracketMode to capture the shots with my iPhone, ProHDR to merge the bracketed shots, Painteresque for a Filter effect, that I then blended back with the HDR image and I processed the blended image with Snapseed, applied local adjustments, Vintage looks and a few other tweeks.
If you would like to read more about Fort Miles click here for a link and donation page.

My next full day iPhone workshop is June 9 in Chesapeake City, Md. at Horizon Photograpy Workshops. Hope to see you there for some iPhone Photography fun and education.