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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Rt 15 Barn~Snapseed 100Cameras

Capture: BracketMode Process: TrueHDR, 100 Cameras, LensLight, Snapseed, Crop'n'Frame.

This barn has caught my eye every time I travel up and down Rt 15 in Virginia. The last time I went by was on my way home from the Nature Visions Photography weekend at George Mason University. I did not stop that day because I just wanted to get home but I promised myself the next time I went by, I would. So this past Saturday I traveled down Rt 15 to my niece's house for our family Thanksgiving dinner. I stopped! I grabbed a few shots with BracketMode..handheld. Then a man came over and asked me why I was taking pictures of the barn. I said, it's cute! He laughed and he said OK, I thought he was going to ask me to delete the files or confiscate my iPhone..
I had some downtime that day and processed one of the images. 100 Cameras rendered the square format.  Today I processed another shot..exploring some processing options in Snapseed. I really like textures, and effects as well as some real great basic processing.
Capture: BracketMode Process: TrueHDR, Snapseed
Capture: BracketMode  Process: TrueHDR, Snapseed


  1. Love the last two interpretations - never heard of Snapsees

  2. Lensscaper.....Thanks for your comments. Snapseed is a cool app! Glad you discovered it here!