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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

PhotoStudio~ Percolator~ 6x6

Last week I made a run to Longwood. When I ran through the Tropical Room the leaves of the ground vegetation caught my eye. So I made some shots with the iPhone app 6x6. PhotoStudio is an app that I don't usually go to right away for processing, but I wanted to challenge myself to work with it and explore more of what it can do. What I found was that I really like the masking and erasing feature for effects. Its very easy to work with and you can see the effects while masking. I used that process extensively on the first two of these leaf images.
I also received notice this week that the fun app Percolator will be updated soon with more choices. Coincidentally I had just made an image with percolator after running it through PhotoStudio. I hope you can join me on Saturday March 10 and June 9th at Horizon Photography Workshops for my one day iPhoneography Workshop.


  1. Karen,
    These are very strong graphic images that keeps the eye engaged. My favorite one is the green pattern with the bubbles. If I had an iPhone I would definitely want to take your workshop.

  2. Thanks John and Gary for leaving your much fun!