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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Relax... 6x7: Snapseed:FX PhotoStudio

Capture: 6 x 7 Processed: SnapSeed: FX PhotoStudio
  When I worked in retail really long hours and I needed to relax once I got home, I made a hot tub of water, lit some candles, fixed a little Amaretto drink and climbed in. Well, last night I needed a little relaxation. I love the way the candle light danced on the bathroom walls and hardware, casting deep shadows and always thought it would make a cool shot. But, I never made the shot because it would have just been too much trouble with the big last night, as I filled a tub of hot water and I made some iPhone shots! Call me crazy! All shot and processed on the iPhone! (no I didn't process them in the tub!)
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Capture: 6x7 Processing: LensLight; CrossProcess: FX PhotoStudio: ScratchCam
Now that my holiday decorations outside are done I have to get out and test the Gymbl..I have had for a while!

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