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Friday, December 16, 2011

iPhone Artist of the Day

Yesterday I was named iPhone Artist of the Day on the fabulous iPhone art site
Tonight I was looking through some apps I had downloaded and came across one I had not explored as yet~ Slideshow+HD. So I opened it and began exploring its functions.To test it out I grabbed the sequential processing files on my iPad from the image that the folks selected as the image to post along with the announcement of my AOTD selection. The slideshow looked pretty cool with fun transitions and the ability to add I downloaded some cool jazz from Stan Getz and Charlie Byrd and added it to the slide show. Then I saved the file as a Quicktime movie on my iPad, transferred the file to my laptop using the app PhotoTransfer and tried adding it to the blog. NOT! For some reason Blogger would not accept the QT movie as it was, from the file on my I went to You Tube and opened an account, posted the movie there and clipped the HTML code to add to the Blog...Well that worked but the colors look a tad I learned a few things tonight and am sharing this crazy process of making images on the iPhone with you in the experimental slide show. I hope you can join me either for my iPhone workshop in January at Mac Business Solutions in Gaithersburg or Horizon Photography Workshops in March and June.


  1. now look what you've done!!! When I go out to the greenhouse next time to use those scissors....I will look at them in awe....simply awesome what you did with the image of my greenhouse scissors!!!! :))) Sara

  2. Karen,
    Congrats! and, well deserved.
    Andrew Fields