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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Longwood Gardens: Water Lilies

Apps: Hipstamatic: Iris:Grungetastic: ArtistaOil: TouchRetouch: PerfectPhoto: Crop'n'Frame: Impression
 This week I had two requests for personal tutoring on the iPhone! I was excited because this is a fun new technology with a great opportunity to make some very cool images and I was really happy that folks are beginning to embrace it. Working one on one is my favorite while I really enjoy workshops, having time to explore the many challenges of the iPhone art and its processes takes some time which personal tutoring really allows. The abundance of Apps can be a bit daunting, but I like to start with the basics of operating the iPhone itself, from downloading new apps, checking file size, organizing apps, and work flow. Once those are well understood, I like to move on to more creative choices. I had a great time working with my clients and hope they keep at it! The opening image is one that I used to demonstrate a simple process from shooting to basic image adjustments in Iris to artistic rendering in ArtistaOil, then finishing the image in Crop'n'Frame and finally applying a custom signature. If you would like some iPhone image tutoring please don't hesitate to e-mail me at:
Oh and its Water Lily time at Longwood. They really are so beautiful, but the flowers are pretty far out in the pond requiring a telephoto lens...but that will be on my "Big Girl Camera" blog later on, as I did get a couple hours to shoot in the morning with my 300 2.8, before I began the iPhone session.
Apps: Hipstamatic: Iris: Grungetastic: PerfectPhoto: Crop'n'Frame: Impression

Apps: Hipstamatic: Iris: PerfectPhoto: Crop'nFrame: Impression

Image ~ Bamboo Swipe : Apps: SlowShutter: Iris:Crop'N'Frame:Impression


  1. Longwood Gardens is one of my very favorite places. I used to live just a bit up the road in Allentown. I'm planning to be there late in the summer, but I always loved visiting for the water lilies.

    You images are just beautiful. The first one looks so much like Monet. I'm a relative newbie with the iPhoneography but having a blast.

    I'll look forward to checking out your "big girl camera" blog. My primary camera is a D300 also.


  2. Thanks so much Kat, just figured out I had to enable 3rd party cookies to make my own comments...I Appreciate your comments!