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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A little Imagination and the LensFlare App.

Its been a couple steamy hot days at the beach. In the late afternoon I have taken a little beach time with the iPhone.  I grabbed this shot below of a Seagull as I had the Hipstamatic loaded with the combo of Cano-Cafenol film and the Chucky lens. 

I was working on getting a few more little beach images to add to a previous collection of beach images. I loved the simplicity of the shot and it will work for my other collection, but I wanted to try and do more with it. So I created a flock of seagulls in Juxtaposer and arranged them in the image. Then I went into the App LensFlare and played around with different options of light effects and decided on this one. To finish the image I applied a border in PicGrunger and applied a newspaper filter. I also app'd it with ScratchCam, toning the image and adding some scratches...
The next image also has some LensFlare effect in it....LensFlare is a cool app! You can move the effect around in your image, you can shrink it and there are several types of flare effects you can manipulate. Overall I love the App, its fun and different. The rainbow below was added with LensFlare.
Dynamic light Orton IR effect.
The sun flare in the drivers window on this old truck I shot while in New Mexico was added in with the LensFlare App.

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