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Sunday, June 12, 2011

A friend said you need some colorful pottery on the ledge~

Finished image with inserted colorful item with painted in shadow for dimensionality.

Yesterday I posted a version of the opening shot here as an example of what the WordFoto app can do, I liked it and it was representative of the scene. I also shared it with my iPhoneography friends and a suggestion was made to add some colorful pottery to the ledge. So, always being open to suggestions I thought OK I am sure I have a file with some colorful pottery from New Mexico. I went into my camera roll and found an unprocessed shot below.

Unprocessed light image
I thought the light cover on the wall would work perfectly, as I really did not have just the right pot for the scene. I tried some baskets but they had the same colors as the wall and they did not work in my mind with the tiles on the wall below the ledge.

 So I quickly dropped in the light cover with Juxtaposer and re-posted the shot below.

Needs dimensionality and shadowing on light inserted.
Then I got the suggestion to add a drop shadow, well yes of course...that would make the image look "real" as the quick re-do did look rather "fake" due to its one dimensionality.  I had processed the original with some Dynamic Light Relief which added dimension to the original image: the quick light insert did not have. So I went back ran the insert through Dynamic Light Relief and re-blended just the light part back with the original light. Then I used PhotoForge to carefully paint in some shadow, and then blended it back with the original in Juxtaposer.  Ideally the best process would have been to put the light in the image first and process the whole thing at once, as it was hard to duplicate the exact amount of  DynamicLight Relief effect, and sharpness-levels adjustments, not to mention that I could not duplicate the word effect on the light as I had not saved the settings as a preset.

I do like the revised version...but also still like the original. The point and the concept of this blog post is...... that whatever you can can create with the iPhone and all the awesome apps available! Have fun! (Not to mention that friends do have great ideas!) Now its beach time!

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