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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Just Named iPhone Artist of The Day at

Columbine Botanical
iPhoneArt is a great community for iPhone artists. I have been contributing to the site for several months now and I am happy to be named iPhone Artist of The Day today where my work is featured on their home page.

Late last night I arrived home from the beach. This morning I went into the garden to see what had changed while I was away. First thing I noticed was that the Columbine flowers have set seed and are ripe for picking and spreading for next years bloom. As I was picking them I thought they were pretty even in this stage of their life and I made a shot with the app ClassicPAN. I laid them on my white patio table for a solid background and for soft light under the umbrella. I also cut some seed heads that were forming from my Hosta plants. Then of course I had to photograph them while I had the idea. Here's the process I used on the botanical images. I opened the original image file in ScratchCam and made several selections of ScratchCam effects that I thought would work well together. I then blended two of them in Iris. Then, I opened that file in Bad Camera and applied some effects and frame. I ran that file through ArtistaOil and applied effects and borders there as well. Then I blended that file back with the BadCamera file and finished with sharpening in PerfectPhoto..oh and somewhere in there I added a schooch of DynamicLight~normal and a Grungetastic border; then framed them out in Crop'n'Frame to finish.
Hosta Botanical
I also made an image last night just from iPhone apps. That image gave me the idea to  lay the seed heads on my table. The base image for the iPhone app only image "Celestial" was a shot of the Formica table in the restaurant where I had a pizza last night before heading home.  When I was working on that image I decided to open up the app BadCamera which I had not used for a while. Updates are always coming through for apps and I check for updates daily but don't necessarily go back and use the app to see, but I was really pleasantly surprised by the changed BadCamera has made to their app. Now you can add some filters much like Grungetastc, you can stack the filters up to two and then frame right in the app and not just use their presets. So I tried some options on the APP only image below I called Celestial.
"Celestial"  iPhone App only image
Now I have to get busy with going through my held mail and catching up around the house!