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Friday, June 24, 2011

Macro Night at The Baltimore Camera Club:Apps Hipstamatic: MonoPhx:Grungetastic:AutoPainter:Crop'n'Frame

Last night I attended the Baltimore Camera Club Macro Night meeting. It is always a fun meeting where members bring in lots of different items of a macro nature and lights  for folks to photograph. I stopped and bought some flowers for the tables for people to shoot. I made a few iPhone shots demonstrating apps and processes for interested members. Today I started working some of those images and came up with a few I liked. The set up is a white background, table or cloth shooting down on a vase of flower. Shoot with the Hipstamatic, HelgaViking loaded with Kodot XGrizzled film. Run the shot into MonoPhix and apply the reverse process then save. Take that image into Grungetastic and play with grunge colors, filters and frames to get a look you like then save. Run that image through AutoPainter Benson and save. Take the AutoPainter image and blend in Iris with the Original Grungetastic file at about 55% opacity in Multiply mode, adjust histogram to bring up the whites and save file. Take into crop'n'frame and apply a border.
I played with two images and different color choices in are the results.

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  1. Fabulous...the possibilities are endless....just need imagination!