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Monday, June 11, 2012

A few more recent shots....Chesapeake City

This shot was made while walking the streets of Chesapeake City, Md. during my recent iPhone photography workshop. I was working with the app Classic Pan making a shot of some chairs that were stretched out across the sidewalk, when I noticed this waitress looking out the tall window, I quickly recomposed and made this shot, I made one more shot after this one, but she moved and no longer had that daydreaming look.. "the decisive moment." The image was processed in Snapseed.
A shop keeper had a display of a wooden screen so I made a quick grab and processed it with Photo Wizard, Textures and PicGrunger.

This image is of a sailboat model that I shot through a shopkeepers window. I used AutoPainter VanGough, for the sky and then Blended it back with the original in Image Blender, masked out the VanGough effect on the sail and finished the image off in PicGrunger.

My next all day workshop in Chesapeake City, Md with Horizon Photography Workshops will be December 8. Here's a link for registration: Click Here.
Hope to see you there!

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