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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

On the fly at the beach: Hipstamatic and Glaze

Watching the Dredger ~ Captured with Hipstamatic: Doris Lens, Sussex Film Processed: Glaze, Snapseed, Leonardo
I have been asking myself~ "Why am I just shooting images with my iPhone lately?"
and my answers have been~ I guess because I have been busy and its with me....also its very easy to be "stealth" in public places and not feel weird pointing a "Big Camera" at people to catch a candid there's my answer...why I love image making with my iPhone, it suits my preference of image making right now....and I just love processing images on the fly! I am not tied to my computer for processing.
Hipstamatic has been my go to shooting app lately because its easy to use in public. I like the big screen view finder and a few of the lens - film combos. For some reason I am loving the square format right now.
The week at the beach is just about over and I have enjoyed trying to capture the last images of summer at the beach wherever I went with the family. The beach images below were captured on our last day on the beach while the beach replenishment crews were fast at work.
 I really enjoy the natural color palette at the beach! When making images on the beach I try to find interesting scenes or people. I watch and when I have a clean back ground, or people isolated from others,  I quickly grab a shot, always cognizant of getting the horizon line as level as possible.
Surf Fun

On the boardwalk one night at dusk I split off from the kids to capture the rides as the sun was setting and the evening sky was still blue..that's the best time to capture images as the lights are on the rides but the sky is not black.
Captured Hipstamatic: Jane Lens, Ina's 1969 Film Processed: Glaze, Leonardo, and Snapseed


  1. I REALLY like that last image!!! Wow.

  2. This series is just fantastic. Lovely, lovely work. How do you get the big bold brushstrokes? When I use Glaze, the brushstrokes seem much tinier and less distinct.

    1. Thank you pfong! The large brush strokes were developed by myself using the workshop feature in the Glaze app. It takes a little experimentation and patience but some really cool iterations can be achieved from the stock samples set. I am thinking of making a video to help people see how that works. But check out the 11er's website here for more detailed info on using Glaze.

  3. Thanks for the tips Karen. Amazing work!