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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Mondrian Inspired~Apps~ Flowpaper~ Rollage~

Apps~ Many Apps!!!
What a great three weeks I had in Ireland...I will be posting more iPhone shots from Ireland here in the next few weeks as I get to processing them. Its been several weeks since I posted in my iPhone Blog but wanted to share a little work I was doing in the Appstracts Iphone Group on Facebook before I left for Ireland. Its a fun group of  extremely talented iPhone Artists.  There is a weekly challenge around a theme and the images submitted to the page have to coincide with the Challenge Theme. The images here were all in response to the app challenge "Mondrian." I made solid squares of color in the app Flowpaper to work with first then I also found an app called "Mondrianator" so I downloaded that and used it in my workflow. Also MarbleCam and Rollage became popular and I downloaded that to work with. I also used Diptic to make arrangements of color blocks. Then I used ImageBlender and some distort filters in PhotoWizard. It was fun stretching my app skills to come up with some unique (non-photographic) images. One of the artists referred to the opening image here as "Mondrian" meets "Lichtenstein." Fun, I thought so stretch it out and see what you can create just to create!
Apps: Rollage
Apps: Diptic: MarbleCam

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