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Saturday, August 4, 2012

File SIze ~ App Value ~ Your Call!

Resolution 2592 x 2592 6.7mp
I recommended the new App I like called "Glaze" in one of my e-mail newsletters to my mailing list and received back a comment from one client that they were going to buy the app until they read the online reviews, where someone had left a derogatory comment on the web developers site regarding the resolution. They then said it was too small a resolution to buy and small resolution apps should be banned, therefore they were not buying it. OK well that's fine I don't get any money from recommending an app, but in my workflow I often use an app not for the absolute file that app produces but for the effects it might generate for blending. The largest file size that "Glaze" delivers for a rectangular image was detailed in my original post.
The square file size "Glaze" delivers is 2048 x 2048 or 4.1mp.
The image above began as a 6x6 App shot with a file  size of 1936 x1936, so Glaze actually upsized the original file by choosing the save as menu and "Print" as a size choice. (I still shoot with a iP4 5mp cam, anxiously awaiting the iP5 release)
Here is the orignal file image:
Image 1
Image 2
Here is the version of the "Glaze" rendered file I chose to use as the beginning of my "new" image. 
The next step in the process was a run through Modern Grunge which maintained the 2048 x 2048 resolution.
Image 3
Now that I had this file saved I wanted to go back into Modern Grunge and make further adjustments to the image, which are below, maintaining the 2048 x 2048 file size.
Image 4
The next thing I wanted to do before going any further was to remove the black lower right hand corner, so I used the Touch Retouch lasso tool, to add back color into the corner, again maintaining the current file size of 2048 x 2048.
Image 5
My next idea was to minimize the ripped white edge achieved in Modern Grunge so I opened Juxtaposer and masked out and blended down the file with Image 3, maintaining the 2048 x 2048 resolution. 
Image 6
Then I wanted to run it through Snapseed and recolor the image with the Grunge Filter. The image then developed into the one below maintaining the 2048 x 2048 resolution.
Image 7
 Now I was getting where I wanted with the tones of old Asian Paper or Tapestry, but it needed some Chinese letters. So I opened the App "Custom Kanji Wallpapers" and decided to apply the Chinese letters for "Life" "Love" and "Wisdom". Which the downsized my file to 640 x 960, as this app is truly a "SMALL RES" app. But it has Chinese letters! And I only wanted the letters so I rendered files with the letters on them, knowing I was going to blend them back with another APP of larger file size.
Image 8

So now that I had my Chinese letter files to work with I opened up ImageBlender and used image 7 with a resolution of 2048 x 2048 as my base image ( the left hand image selection ) and image 8 as my top image then masked out the top image except for the Chinese Letters, Voila now I had my 2048 x 2048 image file back with the Chinese letters on it.
Image 9

But I wanted more texture and more interest, so I ran this file through "Glaze" and used the file below for texture.
Image 10
Once again I used ImageBlender to blend and mask image 9 with image 10 selectively.
Image 11
But I wanted more......texture color so I went into Pic Grunger...and added texture Pic Grunger has resolution options up to 8mp or 3264 x 2448. So I saved the file at a largest resolution possible delivering a square image file of 3264 x 3264 or 10.6 mp which would make a nice print sized 10" x 10".
I lost file size again when adding the frame on it in Crop'n'Frame for purposes of displaying on the web, but ended with a file sized 2592 x 2592. So don't throw out an app because it has a small file size unless that's all you want is a straight file delivered from the app in which case I would say 3mp is a pretty small file, but its still bigger than the first iPhone camera which started this whole photography ~ art movement! Can you believe this started with a straight shot of a beautiful lotus? ;-) Sign up for one of my iPhone workshops and gain more insight into the art of iPhoneography! I am very excited to be offering a six week course at Johns Hopkins University in the fall. The app I use to check file size through my workflow is called "Photosize" it makes it easy to keep track of whats happening during the process.
Image 12



  1. Karen, thank you for the detailed information re your use of the different apps. I know I've said this before, but do hope you'll get out to the West Coast (San Diego area) as I'd love to take a class from you! Meanwhile, I'm enjoying all your blog posts.

  2. Hi Judy, Thanks for your comments! I might have the opportunity through JHU next spring to do an online class, so stay tuned...I am hoping the on campus class this year fills so I can convince them to go live with an online offering. I love San Diego and would like to get out there again!

  3. A very nice edit. Thanks for the tutorial. I just purchased Glaze and Kanji. Does this mean I'll create art as lovely as yours?

    1. Hi Lynne, well it will be something new for you to experiment with :-)
      ..and thanks for the compliments!

  4. This is so interesting! great job of showing us the possibilities of what can be. Thanks.

  5. Hi Karen - thanks for showing your workflow. I agree that an app can be useful just for the effect, regardless of the file size. I'm off to buy PhotoSize now as I think that would be a very useful app to add to my every growing library (over 100! - yikes!)