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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Finding a creative place...inspiration...light and subject

Captured Hipstamatic: Jane Lens Blanko Film No Flash: Processed Snapseed. Glaze, ImageBlender Soft Light
When I find myself at the beach, I find more time for creativity and time to explore processes and subjects on my iPhone. When I view other photographer's images I get ideas...that I can interpret in my own way. The hydrangea images were inspired by a fellow photographer Sue. She posted on her FaceBook page a beautiful shot of her hydrangeas in a ball jar that was simple and finely processed. So.... while I was at the beach with a little time on my hands...I gathered a few hydrangeas and put them in a blue vase and began to play...but it was late in the evening and I had no natural light. I was trying to get something out of the Hipstamatic flash even trying to diffuse the light but didn't come up with anything I found acceptable. However the next morning the hydrangea vase was on the breakfast table and as I looked out to the back porch in the soft shade I thought, perfect light! So I took the hydrangea vase out on the table and made a few shots. Then began to process one or two until I came upon an image I liked. What could be more classic in art than flowers in a vase? All the painters had their version~ VanGogh~Sunflowers Renoir~Garden Flowers ~ Cezanne ~ Chagall they all did a vase of flowers....a classic subject. By no means am I saying these images are worthy of that fine group of painters! but I was very happy with the results! Give it a try!
Captured:Hipsamatic Jane Lens and Blanko Film, No flash Processed: Snapseed: Glaze: Mextures: ImageBlender Golden Evening Light
Later that evening the light was bright on the back porch but not direct, it was the golden hour, so I took the vase out once again and made another slightly different composition. The golden light made the frosted glass table glow golden, and I enhanced the glow with a filter from Mextures.
Captured: Hipstamatic Jane Lens and Blanko Film no flash Processed: Snapseed: Tangled FX; Glaze: IimageBlender
While I was making the composition of the hydrangeas in the vase, I noticed how lovely the petals looked in the evening light and composed a shot looking down on the flower heads. Then experimented with different processes to bring out the beauty in the petals.


  1. The three images are so lovely and creative and all completed from such a simple beginning, flowers in a vase. Love all three, Karen.

  2. Thank you Sue for the inspiration!

  3. Beautiful images. I can't wait to try it myself.

  4. These are have so much vision!

    1. Thanks Nancy- just having some iPhone fun!