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Monday, July 8, 2013

Summer Bouquets ~ Hipstamatic ~ Snapseed ~ Mextures ~ Glaze

Summer is in full bloom in my neck of the woods with the Hydrangeas, Daises, and Day lilies brightening the landscape! The garden has really been beautiful as a result of early and frequent spring rains. So now I am on to making images with flowers. I started a week ago at the beach with some beautiful hydrangeas, and now at home with a broader assortment. I picked a couple vases worth of flowers and decided I wanted to create iPhone images of them.
The opening image started the idea. I had picked a few daisies, Hosta and Loosestrife in the morning from my garden to adorn the kitchen window sill and selected a simple vase. I enjoyed looking at them every time I went to the kitchen sink and then I said, I wonder what I could do with them and the iPhone. I decided to take them into my living room where the walls are painted a deep Wedgwood blue (backgrounds matter) and sit them on top of my tall Polk vintage speakers by the window (light matters).
After arranging the flowers, (composition matters) I made two shots and was satisfied with the images from Hipstamatic using the  Jane Lens and Inas 1969 film with no flash, just window light. Then the processing began...into Snapseed for a little saturation, ambiance, white balance adjustment, sharpening and structure. I knew I was heading toward getting a few images out of Glaze so I really pump up the image before running it into Glaze. I make several iterations in Glaze and use the custom feature to come up with some interesting looks to begin blending and masking in ImageBlender..then maybe back into Snapseed for some more color adjustments, selective adjustments, and sharpening. Then I will add a texture from Mextures and run another Glaze file and blend what you see here is many blends and many different files to get the look that suits me. I posted this on FB and many of my friends liked it. I was encouraged to create another image. So back out to the garden....with another vase, clipping a few more blooms Astilbe, Goldenrod, Hydrangea, Lavender and Geraniums. Once again staging the vase in the same place in my living room I captured another file to work with. Now I wish I had more blooms to work with...but as the garden progresses I will continue to work on using this place in the house for a stage to capture a few more bouquet images. If you live in the area I will be conducting an all day iPhone workshop in Chesapeake City, Md on July 13...have a few more spots open if you would like to join me click here for my iPhone Workshop.
Original Capture

Processed file

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