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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Hipstamatic Oggl ~ Winter at the Beach

Watts Lens and BlacKeys Supergrain Film
This is my last week at the beach before closing the house for the winter. It was very cold last night as a Canadian blast of cold air came through. The beach in winter, and it does feel like winter, is ghost like. People abandon it and return it to the wind, the birds and the sea. As the WWII watch towers now stand guard over the abandoned picnic tables, winter is coming on. All these images were shot using the Hipstamatic Oggl app. The coolest thing about Oggl is the ability to control exposure and then to choose the combination of Lens and Film after the shot is made. It was a bold blue sky day when I made all these images and I like to think in Black and white on those kind of days. Processing all the images here in Oggl I chose several Lens and Film combos to achieve the results.
Watts Lens Blackeys Supergrain Film
 The dune fences give way to the wind and the sand.
Watts Lens and Rock BW-11 Film

Shells are tossed to shore and nestled into windblown sand.
Foxy Lens and BlacKeys Supergrain Film

Beach pines filter the harsh afternoon sun.
G2 Lens and BlacKeys Supergrain Film                                  

Beach grass struggles to keep rooted in the shifting windblown sands. The ice lockers are locked and the refreshment stands are shuttered. The bath house benches are empty. Winter is here!
Lucas Lens BlacKeys XF Film

Lucas Lens D-Type Plate Film       

Loftus Lens BlacKeys XF Film


  1. I always like your work, Karen, but this one is especially beautiful:

    Thanks for the inspiration!


    1. Thank you Brad, a FAV of mine as well! Appreciate your comments!

  2. Karen- I enjoy following your work and will be sorry to miss your class in Chestertown ( where I live) next weekend! I had already signed up to take an iphoneography class in Philadelphia that day - before I saw that you were coming to town!! Otherwise, I would have signed up for your class again. I am so glad you are bringing your art to town!!

    1. Thank you Anne, will miss seeing you and hope to see you in the future! Have fun in Philly with Dan and Cindy!