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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Fells Point in Black and White Captured~ Hipstamatic, Camera+, PaintedFX, Snapseed

Captured: Camera+ Processed: PaintedFX for texture, Snapseed, and ImageBlender
(The rays were naturally occurring shooting into the sun)
Yesterday I joined an iPhone Meet-up in Fells Point. I have not participated in a meet up before, and when it came through my e-mail, I thought, why not, my schedule was open,  Fells Point is close, so I responded yes over two weeks ago. Then, the deep freeze and snow arrived! I decided to go anyway...and test out the iPhone under extreme cold. (it was 19 degrees)
What I found: I tried working with Hipstamatic Oggle but the user interface would not let me access the shooting menu, so I went back to Hipstamatic Classic, which makes shooting so easy with the big screen tap and fire feature. I also used Camera+ to shoot as well as BracketMode which both worked fine. As usual, on a photo shoot people split up and find their own shots, the same for was cool not being a leader for a change! The Meet-up organizer's  iPhone kept auto shutting down while shooting in the cold. He had only a thin case, while my Mophie JuicePak Plus encased iPhone kept on firing. I think the JuicePak added some insulation and warmth from the battery pac charging. I used my Isotoner Smartouch gloves, but found that it was still better shooting with my ungloved hand. I think it was so cold I was not transmitting enough heat to the Smartouch pad! When not shooting I put the iPhone into a pocket in my ski jacket. I have a few color shots I made which, I will process and be in another post.
My next iPhone workshop is January 19, inside at the National Building Museum.
Only three spaces left!
Capture: Camera+ Processed: Snapseed

Capture: Hipstamatic Processed: Snapseed, Rays

Capture: Hipstamatic, Jane Lens, Inas 1969 Film Processed: Snapseed
Capture: Camera+ (7 shots stitched in AutoStitch) Processed: AutoStitch, Snapseed The is the Facade of the building where the series "Homicide" was made.

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