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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

AutoPainter II App explored and Tierra Amarilla

CameraPlusPro capture: Iris saturation; brightness: Perfect photo to sharpen:Grungertastic~Red inner border: and The NEW APP AUTOPAINTER II Felt tip option

Just getting back to posting some iPhone shots from the New Mexico trip while trying to stay in chronological sequence....we stopped in Tierra Amarilla on the way to Chama, for a bite to eat at the Lobo Cafe. After enjoying a great bowl of Chili...I was noticing the environment of the small rural cafe..and it was very red (when you see red shoot it) I went out and grabbed the iPhone to make some shots in the cafe. When I was leaving I also grabbed a shot of the sign outside so I would know where I was and what the name was, but when I started to process the images, I really liked the sign too. After lunch we were free to roam the town for an hour and I made a couple iPhone shots of the abandoned gasoline station across the street.
AutoPainter II is a new app for me and has several choices of processing from Felt Tip, Chalk, Old Book and water and ink. I like the AutoPainter App for paint so I thought I would try their new APP and for only .99 it's a deal. I did not make any blended images in this post, so you could see exactly what the images look like when they come out of AutoPainter II Felt Tip.Normally I would use this as a layer to blend with some other processed styles of the same image. I would want the words in these shots to be legible; so some ArtistaSketch or PencilPaint would help with that.
BracketMode:TrueHDR:Iris ~levels and sat:AutoPainter II~Felt Tip: Grungetastic~red inner border

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