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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Second Chance~ Apps~6x6: SnapSeed: Crop'n'Frame

Captured: 6x6 Processed: Snapseed, Crop'n'Frame
This past Sunday I conducted an HDR workshop for  DSLR photographers at Second Chance in Baltimore. I made a visit the day before because they have just recently moved into an old warehouse to make way for the new Gambling Casinos to be built in Baltimore on the old location. I walked every square inch of the warehouse looking for shots and interesting reclaimed items. The old warehouse itself offered up some interesting shots and because I was making a run through I only had the iPhone with me...soon after snapping some shots I was developing a theme for my day in the warehouse. I focused my eyes on the old walls and columns, finding interesting textures, shadows and old fixtures. In processing, I wanted an old retro feeling to go along with the age of the fixtures and chose a vintage and grunge filter in SnapSeed. It was a fun day on Sunday helping students make images. We were finding some great material to work with. Second Chance provides a wonderful service to the community with their "Retain, Reclaim and Renew" motto in full force and they welcome photographers and artists.

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