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Monday, February 27, 2012

Silk Mill Rerun App 6x6

Bathroom Sink        Capture: 6x6 Processed: Snapseed: PerfectPhoto
This past weekend I joined a group of photographers on Sunday to do some shooting in the old Lonaconing Silk Mill in Western, Maryland. I made several images with the Nikon and then started making iPhone shots. I was having a great time working in the mill with the shooting app 6x6 making exposure decisions with the retical. 6x6 has as a part of the application the ability to select areas in the image for exposure and focus. I love this app for its square format and exposure control. The mill has very dark and bright areas, normally an HDR shooting venue, but I challenged myself to find images using only one shot on the iPhone, adjusting the placement of the exposure retical for the exposure I liked. If you live in Maryland I hope you can join me at Horizons Photography Workshops in Chesapeake City for my iPhone photography workshops on March 10 or June 9.
Tool and Hardware         Capture 6x6: Processed: Snapseed: ScratchCam: PerfectPhoto
Machine Brush     Capture 6x6: Processed: Noir

Warehouse Shadows     Capture 6x6 Processed: Noir

The Open Door      Capture: 6x6 Processed: Noir


  1. I love the still life shots and how you controlled light and detail. I have the same Warehouse Shadows shot. Was working on mine last night and will post soon. Very similar. It was darker than heck down there wasn't it? I knocked my tripod and camera over working down there. Did you see the big old scale under the window? And the creepy exercise bike under the stairs?

    Debbi K.

  2. OMG I hope your camera survived! And yes it is a great place to work. Glad you made it up there before its gone. I did see all that stuff in the basement.

  3. Great photos. Karen: I'm always inspired by your photos. My favorite is the "Tool" -- love the colors that you've captured. Hope one day to be back in your area and be able to take a workshop with you.