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Friday, December 14, 2012

Etchings~ Bohemia Ave...

Stumbled upon a new High Resolution App that has interesting possibilities, originally launced in August 2012. Here are a few samples of what it can do straight out of the app. But first a few notes about it's function. When I first opened the app I got a Square crop box to move and scale, and at first I was disappointed because I thought, bummer, all I can get is square, even though the "about info" in the app store said I could get otherwise.  Also when I first saved an image to the camera roll I immediately tested the resolution of the file, with the app ImageSIze, and was disappointed to see it was smaller than expected. So I e-mailed the developer and within a very short period of time got a response! Super. So yes, you can get a high res image file and you can get something other than a square format. When Saving, You have to go into the advanced tab and and make the settings choice.
As I found out later, after an e-mail response to my questions, when you go to save the image you needed to tab on the ADVANCED EXPORT tab to access the menu for high resolution and a 2x3 format image. When you tab on the ADVANCED EXPORT tab another screen appears and you will need to turn off the "Square Crop" button and then tab on the Save to Camera Roll to get the high resolution image into your camera roll. Even if you opened the app with the square crop, when you turn it off before saving, it will deliver the original formatted image.

I like to layer several images when processing and I think this will be a great App to work with in layering. Here are a few more out of the App layers no processing just App results which are fun.

Right now in the app you can adjust, brightness~darkness, line strength and select from several FX. You can also buy in app another set of FX. I would like one more contol and that would be a color picker to adjust the color of the rendered effect. This is not a complete assortment of what the app can do but will give you an idea.

And here is the original shot.

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  1. I have Etchings but haven't used it much - I must take another look. Life in LoFi has a great resource which lists over 400 apps and the resolutions they produce. I have to it on my blog in a recent post. Hope you're back on track with your new iPhone!