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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Still Lifes ~ Glaze~ Image Blender~Snapseed~Flypaper Textures

The Chair in the Corner (After)
 I love still life images. They represent snippets of life in a certain era. When visiting the Hampton Mansion this past weekend I made a few shots in the kitchen area where there was ample light and a few interesting subjects with uncluttered backgrounds. I am posting the before and after shots as one viewer commented that they enjoyed seeing the difference. The "Chair in the Corner" above was processed using several iterations in an app called Glaze, now a Full Resolution App!!! Yeah! I also used a texture from Flypaper Textures to add some dimension and interest to the image in a very subtle but important way and then I blended the images (original and several versions) in ImageBlender and adjusted the final image with Snapseed.
(Note: In order to use the Flypaper Textures I re-sized the texture first in Photoshop to 72 DPI and matched the resolution of the original image, 2448 x 3264 then transferred the file to my iPhone using PhotoSync.) Also.....Snapseed is now free and available for Android too! Thanks to Google.
I also found the old kitchen ceiling light interesting and representative of colonial times. I processed this in the same manner as the chair.
Kitchen Light (After)  

This image of paper whites was on a shelf in the kitchen and beautifully side lit by the window light. I processed it in the same manner using Glaze, Flypaper Textures, ImageBlender and Snapseed.

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  1. Good to see you got Glaze in full res! You were one of the first one to report the res issue, thank you!

    1. Thanks Gilles, its a brilliant App, and I love it! Thank you!

  2. I'm blown away by what you did with the chair image... others are nice too but the chair is awesome! I simply must play with Glaze more!!! (especially now that it's full res)

    1. Thanks Victoria, yes play with Glaze and use the feature that allow for unique blends! Its awesome!

  3. Karen,

    Just curious about one of your comments on your processing for the image. You say you resized the image in Photoshop to the pixel dimensions of the original image. I guess my question has two parts:

    1. Why did you do this? We're you not able to get the look you wanted directly in the app on the phone?
    2. How did you export the texture only, without the image, if that's what you?

    Thanks for your help!


    1. Hi Brad, thanks for your questions! I used the texture I wanted from a collection that does not reside in any APP. It is a texture that is a large file downloaded from the Texture vendors site to my desktop files. I was not able to get the texture look I wanted from any app I use. To export the reduced size file of texture from my desktop to my iPhone, I simply used PhotoSync. An image transfer App for your desktop and mobile devices. It puts the image file into your camera roll so you can go there and grab it as a layering image. I re-sized the original texture file so it would blend seamlessly with the original image when opened in ImageBlender.Hope that makes sense. I think there is a need for a high quality, texture loaded app, which will act much like image blender, masking, arranging, blending and layering. I love the Flypaper Textures and think it would be great if they made a Texture App with their awesome assortment of textures for iPhone photographers. (Note: I did however grab a texture from an iPhone App called Textures+ and added an additional texture to the image of the Kitchen Light. Hope that helps)

  4. Beautiful as always - thanks for sharing your process ♥♥♥